Website Award for Championship

Hey guys I didn’t actually compete for the Regional Website award because I didn’t have to build it but we did submit it.

Now I want to compete for the Championship website award. But I can’t find any information on where I should submit it and the information about it. If someone can point me to the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Even if I’m past the deadline I guess I will still do it cause I can leave it for next year. :slight_smile:

The only teams who are eligible for the Championship Website award are teams who submitted before the submission date, were evaluated for at each of their regionals and won for at least one of those regionals.

I believe that only regional “Best Website” award winners are eligible for the championship award.


Thanks a lot guys.
Well then I will build it for furthur generations.

That is correct based on what we were told last season by several judges at Championship.