Website Award submission and judging process

Does anyone know…

  1. If we notice that our website needs updated after we have submitted it for the award but before the deadline, can it be resubmitted with the new changes (in other words, will the judges see our changes after we submit it)?
  2. We have been using our web page for team communication. Can we continue to update the website after the deadline?

Thanks in advance.

All you’re submitting to the judges is your URL, so your website may be judged for the regional award anytime from the submission deadline until the date of your regional. One of the judging criteria is if the website is kept up-to-date so you should continue updating as usual.

Cool. Thanks for the response. Wasn’t sure if they some web capturing tool. We’ll continue updating. Cheers.

Of course, if you were to change the design however, the judges would most likely have to re-evaluate your website.

Multiple judges will look at your website on their own time. A re-design may be seen by one judge, but not another.

I would like to add one simple comment here for those teams who are submitting for 2012 Website Award.

The evaluations are done for the 2012 year - not 2009, not 2011… you get my drift. Next year, the website evaluations will be done for 2013. In other words, keep your website currently updated with the season you are competing in.

That’s my one simple comment.

Good luck to all who have submitted for this award.