Website award?

Where does one submit for the website award? We’re submitting one as a part of a grant requirement, but I can’t track down where you submit for it anywhere…

I don’t think there is a website award anymore. 2012 was the last year that my home regional (KC) has awarded one.

I think the website award was from the days when it was impressive to have a website in the first place.

Website Award was replaced by the Media & Technology Innovation Award (which was all encompassing - website, social media, apps). That got dropped this year, I think because Comcast NBCUniversal isn’t a FIRST sponsor anymore.

It’d be cool to have GitHub or Microsoft sponsor the award, much like their support of FIRST students and teams in other areas, but that’s a pipe dream I suppose.

I do feel that the website award still has a place in competition, as there are some teams with not-that-pretty websites, and even some teams without websites entirely. Having a good looking, quick, and useful team website is honestly still a challenge.