Website Award

I am heading up the website work this year. I noticed a “resources” for other teams as criteria. What would you as a FIRST robotics team member be looking for?

We’re planning to put links to CD, the FIRST website and Wiki

Also consider the “helpful links” here on the bottom left side of the portal.

You can also make your team’s documents available for download by other teams (and members of your own). You can include your handbook, business plan, fundrasing/PR materials, and CAD/Inventor drawings.

Check out the Cybersonics FIRST Interactive Rural Support as an example of a great resource for other teams.

Links to technological sites, FIRST related sites, and sites just helpful to students and teachers should be included. Other items that you could possibly put in there as well are videos, photos, and certain links to .pdf files for documents within your team.

It always helps to mirror some of the content on the FIRST website, like the documents and videos.

It’s also important to link to the local sponsors and regional event sites, since people will probably want to go to those websites. See section 5 for the Website Award criteria.

Add tutorials to help people with mechanics, articles about how to help run a team, and Autodesk Inventor tutorials. Basically add anyhthing that your team knows that other teams might find helpful.