Website bandwidth/statistics.

I was wondering if anyone had some site usage stats for their regular team page. I’d like to find out what kind of bandwidth a team site normally uses. (By normal, I mean not CD :P) If anyone has some stats (or a webalizer page!) I’d appreciate it. I’m thinking about offering my server to my team, but I’m not totally positive if I can handle the load.

We’ve received about 23,400 hits on our site in about 11 months. During the build season we received 9,000+ hits (I looked in Feb. and it was something in the 9,300 area). Judging that each page is about 20KB I’d estimate bandwidth usage for the year to be about 470MB over the year and 186MB during the build season (about 5MB a day).

I’m not sure if our site was popular or mediocre, but that’s our site stats.


Unless your site is like CD (which i’m guessing it isn’t ;)), or it has large photos / vids. that people will be downloading a lot, I honestly don’t think that it will receave too much traffic. Mostly from either:

a)The own team (Family, Friends, Team members, sponsors)
b)Random FIRST dude searching team sites
c)The Website Award

While I honestly don’t have any #'s to give you about our site, Jeremy_Mc sounds like a pretty safe bet.

So… I don’t think you really are doing anything to heavy by hosting a team site.

My $.10 :slight_smile:


in the last year we’ve had 526304 hits, 16384 visits, 110944 pages, for a total of 4963445 kb (4.7 gig) of bandwidth. yay. :slight_smile:

This has been the highest we’ve officially gotten in a month (7GB), but I’m pretty sure we’ve done quite a lot more bandwidth usage in the time since.

Great! That last link helped alot. I love webalizer.

My host got goes on and off with the stats programs. They used to have webalizer and analog and awstats, then they switched between the three, now they have urchin stats, eewww. I prefer Awstats, then Webalizer.

Team 696’s site’s ( biggest month was June 2003 when we got 20,061 hits and tranfered 427 MB of data. The month with the most unique visitors was January 2003 with 885. The site averages about 9,850 hits and 450 unique visitors per month.

During the Build Season and competition we have had great surge in bandwidth usage. as u can see on the graph and stats on the attachment