Website Construction

Attention all FIRST teams! The Team 66 website is curently under construction and we would like to include links to as many FIRST Team websites as possible. If you would like a link to your team’s website posted on Willow Run Robotics website please post a link here and I will add it as soon as possible. Thanks. Beach Cities Robotics Team 294

I was planning on doing that too, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting anything yet.

Any team that will be at the Richmond regionals please post a link to your site here and say that you will be in Richmond…

Team 616 - Southampton Indian Robotics -
Richmond Regional

WHS Robotics - Team 1056 -

Sie-H2O-Bots, team 237 at

RAGE team 173 -

Team 230, Gaelhawks -

okay, still looking for more teams, those who have already replied are on the site, go check it out
Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island, FL