Website Design/Showcase

we picked .com, it’s easy to remember.

Nothing too special here yet:

cogsquad = nice site
what did you guys use to build the site?

I would guess it’s php. :wink: – Flash Version coming soon. Once build time relaxes.

I was not involved in the work with what you see currently on our site, infact it is all last years site still. From what I gather, we used PHP, Dreamweaver 4, and Photoshop. When we can, there will be some great improvements made to the site, technologically wise.

we’re php…and open source.

if anyone just needs a script or an entire web site you can download it.

i’ll have the link up really soon, but if you want any of our scripts just pm or im me and i’ll get it over to you. :slight_smile:


Made all in HTML and JavaScript in CoffeeCup HTML editor
No ads, banners, pop-ups, or harmful downloads.

We used php and mysql. Everything on our site we programmed ourselves – with notepad! (well, actually Mike used dreamweaver, but i used notepad!)