Website Design

I was just wondering do teams make their own websites or do they ask from professional help from graphic designers or website designers::rtm::

The students in my team last year did the design themselves, but worked off of a template. It really depends on what resources you have available - if you have mentors/sponsors willing to give you professional assistance, take it! If not, you can still make a functioning website that does everything you need it to with limited resources. Good luck!

Students designed our website from scratch. From the template to editing the pictures. Like Justin said, it depends on the resources and the skill set that students have. Our web team consisted of a coder (me), media person, and layout/organization/information gathering person. Mentors were only involved in giving the web team information/history/stats of the team. Getting started is the hardest part. Once the template is complete and pages can start being made off of it, its just a matter of organizing information onto their proper pages. Then it becomes tedious.