Website development


I’m not aware of the “rules” regarding to the website award, but are the teams allowed to put a company in charge of the website development? I just wanted to know if FIRST pays attention to who really built the website.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

According to last years rules the website, to be eligible must be student built. GP would dictate that you let FIRST know if your website is not student built.

Correct Steve - Team 47, before they had a student built site, notified FIRST that CD was not eligible for the website award.

Steve is right. A website built even in part by a company is even less what FIRST is looking for than one built by non-students such as mentors. And neither of these parties are allowed to compete for the award. Imagine your alliance facing a robot designed and built by NASA specialists with a budget; it’s neither fair, nor rewarding to anybody.

The 2004 Website Award guidelines are included within the FIRST Frenzy rules. The usual disclaimer applies, these rules are subject to change. I actually know for a fact that they will change with regard to websites in particular.