Website devoted to recruiting more FIRST teams

Hello Chief Delphi Community,

Over a year ago I started an online community to encourage more participation in FIRST.
To date we have 106 members and I hope to grow exponentially this year.

The site is:

FIRST Objective is an outward approach at getting more people involved in FIRST.

At FIRST Objective you will find:

  • FIRST Videos (Team Promos, Competitions, Animations, etc…) LOTS! Add your own
  • Video of the Month Contest
  • Forums
  • Group Discussions (Join a group, or make one for your team)
  • FIRST Map - add a marker (team or personal) and help others in your area get involved in FIRST
  • FIRST Objective room in Google Lively (Chat with other FIRST people in 3D)
  • Calendar
  • FIRST Wiki - to help explain FIRST to the world
  • Personal User Profile Pages
  • Add your own personal FIRST photos
  • User Blogging
  • Private Messaging
  • News Letters
  • FIRST Site Web Links
  • Other valuable tools for teams

FIRST Objective has been given fresh and refined front end. Take a minute and check it out. Get involved in the forums and groups, add in your videos and encourage your friends to join. We have no sponsors and do not spam our users. The way this site will grow is by users like you getting involved and adding content (videos, photos, blogs, etc…) Get your friends from other schools to check this site out and encourage them to get a team started.

I appreciate your time.