Website evaluations

Since I have nothing to do this summer I plan on looking at team websites to improve ours. I also thought why dont i evaluate them as well. If you need websites evaluated I can get them done by at least one or two sites a day. I hope i am not stealing the spotlight of anyone else who is doing this!

Michelle is already doing this:

However, I guess multiple input would be beneficial.

Could you please look at ?

Thanks in advance!

I see absolutely nothing wrong with two people doing this.

Please and thank you!


Can you please evaluate ours?


Hmm… let me think… I think you deserve the Championship Website Award! :yikes:


could you evaluate ours to, we may change it over the summer so dont be surprised if i ask again in a few months

I have already put this website in to Michelle, but if you wouldn’t mind also giving a second opinion, Team 1717’s website is:


Could you check ours out too? (even if it says under construction, ALL features should be operational)

if you can, post results in the thread “Team 2002’s re-skinned website”


The FRC Team #2002 Webmaster This is the Lone Star Regional Website, but we are always looking for more feedback !
thanks for your time,

could you take a look at ours?


If you could look at the Robonauts website it would be nice.


Could you scope ours out too

if you wouldn’t mind checking ours out either. THANKZ

could you also take a look at ours. thanks

It would be great if you could review our website too. Thank you.


We would really appreciate if you evaluated our website.

Could you email us the results at:

[email protected]


Could you evaluate our website.

Could you please email the results to

[email protected]



Could you please evaluate our website?

you can use our ‘contact us’ page for sending us the results, or just sending them to my mail : [email protected]

We’re a rookie team and would really like you all to take a look at our website and entry for this year… Frau POW! Could you leave a comment on our Blog?

Thanks - Team 3011 RoboWarriors from Wiesbaden, Germany.