Website Excellence Awards Are Out

I just got 2023’s Web Excellence Buttons via Email.

The buttons were sent to the contact on, not the TIMS info.

No word on Regional Winner Banners, however.

Regional Winner banners were sent out just before the Website Excellence ones.

OOO, the new ones look really nice. I think our team will try to work hard over the summer to get one next year.:slight_smile:

I just got 2023’s Web Excellence Buttons via Email.

The buttons were sent to the contact on, not the TIMS info.

Сongratulations to you!

Do you know how many days it can approximately take for all the teams to get those buttons?
Do all the teams get them at once ?
Because we haven’t got them by email and I’m pretty sure we should have them by now…

Maybe we should just be more patient…

We got them today, I believe, and our web designer just got flooded (on purpuse :slight_smile: ) with congratz from about 60 ppl. Along with his team he did a great job on getting that site up in about two weeks, design and everything, since our earlier designer left him a very disorganized site.

But congratz to all those who got them. congratz 2023 and 2217?(If you guys got it)

We haven’t gotten our Regional Banner’s yet :frowning:

Really? I hope you’re right, our website does not yet have the new banners we should have for winning the regional award at SVR and Davis, and of course, the Championship Best Website banner as well. But our web guys probably didn’t check for them yet.

EDIT: Looks like we have the banners for SVR and Championship, but not Davis.

congrats on a beautiful website! As a winner of the VCU best website award, we were just in awe of what you folks have accomplished. Great job!

I think she (Nancy Beringer) is sending them out as she gets them from the artist. We got the banner for the Detroit Regional and not the Great Lakes Regional.

hey we got one… awesome.

Congrats to everyone who received a website award

Does anybody know where we can find out our score and results from the web site awards so we can inprove on what we did.

You don’t unfortunately. Though some people hint hint will give you a helping hand and give you some suggestions.

Does anyone know when exactly do the website evaluators check the websites ?

I am afraid they checked it after our website server corrupted.

Never mind… there’s always next time…

Way off topic but what’s

Vi sitter här i venten och spelar
Is it Swedish by chance ?

They check them from when you submit them until they are done. Thats really all anyone can tell you, part of having a website is making sure that it’s always running.

Yes, it’s from a song by Basshunter
“Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA.” is the full lyric.

Yes, it’s from a song by Basshunter
“Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA.” is the full lyric.

That’s funny because that was just a hunch of mine (I mean it being written in Swedish).

Do you know the translation?

Sorry for being way way off topic…

Congratulations to everyone who received a website excellence award! As part of our website team this year, I now have a better understanding/appreciation of what it takes to maintain and manage a website. A FIRST team’s website is worth so much more than just a simple award; it provides a portal for sponsors and other visitors (who may not be as familiar with FIRST) that represents your team in a way that not many other aspects of the competition do.

I know we are going to display the award on our website with pride, and I recommend all others who received one do so as well!

soemthing to the affect of “hanging out and playing some DotA”, i’m pretty sure.

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is a custom map for the PC game Warcraft 3 that is so famous it has become one of the games played professionally by gamers (I’m not very good :)) and has had a song made because of it!

yeah, 1089 got our regional website winner banner a couple days ago. Its up on our site already. Congratulations to all that recieved website excellence or a regional website award. By the way, can anyone tell me who won the website award at the Chapionship?

Congratulations to all teams that have received a website award, and especially to Team 115, Monta Vista High School, for the Championship Website Award. Many thanks to the judges for their hard work. It most certainly can not be an easy job picking award recipients. We will proudly display our banner as well.

I finally put our awards up. Check them out on the right side of