Website Excellence?

Under the impression of the rule book/award sheet, i thought there was going to be “2” different types of website awards this year. One would be the Best Website Award, awarded to one team per regional. Then there would be “Website Excellence” Awards, awarded to any team who scored an 80 or higher on the rubric… At the regionals they onyl announced the General Website Award, so i was wondering where i could find the winners of the Excellence awards.

I don’t think it’s an official award. I think it’s something that you recieve if your website meets FIRST’s criteria for a team’s website design. I think it’s more of a certificate.

I thought they’d send you something online to put on your website to show that you have a good website.

They had said there’d be some kind of thing (an “electronic certificate”) you could place on your website to denote that you achieved the excellence standing, and that they would publish the names of these sites on We won the full award, so we were announced at the regional, but to my knowledge there is nowhere an excellence standing website is shown at the regionals themselves.

From what they said at the PNW Regional, FIRST would be e-mailing (or somehow communicating with) teams a special FIRST Website Excellence Logo that they could place on their site.