Website Feedback/Suggestons

Now that school is out and I have some extra time, I would like your suggestions as to what I could do to make my team’s website better.

Thanks in advance!

Nice site. It’s easy to navigate and well laid out. Off-season is a great time to take on this project.

The HTML validates nicely. You can advertise that fact by following the link below.

What I find missing is a FIRST logo and any in-depth reference to what FIRST is and what FIRST means to your team.
Your website is the best place to discuss these things. It’s a place that your sponsors and your potential sponsers can understand why they are or should be involved with your team.

Good job so far.

nice and clean…i like the rounded corners…

i would add some sort of contact via e-mail form or something to that effect…if a sponsor or someone wanted to just e-mail and get some info there is no apparent way other than signing up for the forum, which i doubt they would do…

gj thus far boss…

John, I added the W3C Validation image. Do you think I put it in the right place or does that make the footer too big?
Stephen, right above the news there is a link with an email address. Should I do more than that?

I love the nice clean design.

Some kinda nit picky things:

  • The sponsors thing on the side is nice, but it would be nice if you could make the “sponsors page” a hyperlink to the correct page.
  • Maybe the tabs could change on hover to a slightly different color? And maybe you could have it be that color if you happen to be on that page. The second is a little harder, depending on how you generate it in the PHP.

The FBW (Future Browsers of the World) really appreciate the valid HTML. You almost also have valid CSS, but “strike”]( doesn’t appear to be valid… don’t know what you should use. :slight_smile:

Overall, very nice!

Ryan, for the tabs, they are images…how would I generate them in PHP?

How about dropping it in the right hand column under the sponsors box. As suggested, I would find an alternate tor the strike-thru and then you can add a valid CSS mark also.

You have a text link to FIRST, why not use a logo and an image link in the same column?

Good Job.

John, I did that. What do you think now?

Very nice. But more important, what do you think?

I like it! I’m gonna work on writing something more up for the about page. Any other additions you could think of? How are the colors? I just recently got a new LCD monitor and they looked purply (they looked grey/blue on my old CRT). Could my new monitor just need adjusting?

Colors are very subjective. An interesting exercise is to simulate viewers with different colorblindness by testing your site out at

It may lead you to select different color combinations.

With the two common types of colorblindness the site looks fine!

I have updated the about page. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I like it!

The one thing I might do is add a subtle border along the sides to break up the wide white border. Something similar to CD, with it’s 5ish pixel grey all the way around.

Looks great. Easy to read and use.

One thing that is missing and is missing from a lot of FIRST team web pages is a Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy page. In a perfect world you would not need one, but even among FIRST teams certain things need to be made clear.

The disclaimer page ( deals with the visitors experience when they visit your site. If your site collects IP and/or email addresses, then you need to say what you do with them. If you use trademarks (FIRST is one) then you need to acknowledge them. You need define who owns the images on your site. You can also grant free use to those images there. If your team is a 501©3 this is a great place to state that.

I’m sure that there are other topics that should be addressed, but that will give you a start.

Also link to it from each page. We link from the copyright statement in the footer to do this.

great setup. however, the one thing that would improve it is if on the banner, you made the links rollovers.

nicely done. I like the smoothness of the site, and I like how you incorporated phpBB and Coppermine into your website. I also like how your site is very simple. GOOD JOB! :slight_smile:

I love the site! The colors look almost like my team website colors. All I have to say is that on the front page, on the sponsors side bar, you just have a link. It seems kind of repetitive to make a sponsors side bar, then just have a link. If you were going to do a full side bar, I’d suggest putting your highest sponsors on it.

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Just got around to reading them all.

Here’s another comment ^.^ I think the site looks great, it’s simple and not over done. However, you might want some more content on there. Otherwise it is looking very profressional.