Website Help!

Hey we have been working on our website for a while and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to check it out?
Thanks, can’t wait to seee you guys at the Portland, OR reginol!:ahh:

Looks good!

Seems like you could resave that front page picture at a somewhat different size - was pretty slow to load on my connection (which admittedly isn’t the quickest in the word). 340k picture on your front page is pretty large.

That’s actually a pretty good website you have. Nice job!

Well done. :slight_smile:
One thing I would change is to shrink the home page image size and maybe add a bit more info on the homepage.

Your website looks really nice, I agree make the pic smaller on the homepage because it took forever to load!
Nice work tho,
Good luck in the season
Alicia Albrecht
Electrical Subteam
The Robettes 2177

The header area takes up a lot of real estate without much in it.

Don’t understand. The Home Page has a link to the Welcome page which is almost exactly like the home page. Probably should change the Welcome page, or get rid of it.

Tooltips on the navigation menu are kind of unusual, they become especially annoying when they say the same thing as the thing being hovered over

This website is still under construction, so if you encounter any problems or have any concerns, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page. Select Website Feedback as the category.

OK, being picky here, but I hate it when websites tell me they are still under construction. If content looks sparse, I will assume it is still under construction. If the site looks fine, why make me think it doesn’t by telling me it is under construction? Sell your strengths, not your weaknesses. Also, the way the sentence is constructed makes me wonder if I would be able to contact you once the website is fully constructed. In other words, the website being under construction, and contacting you if there are any problems are unrelated and should be in seperate sentences.

Overall, the site looks good, with a little work it will be great.

Here goes:

I like the overall design, its very consistent, uses great colors, etc. It’d be nice though if at some point you could design your own template that would better relate to your team, but for now it works.

Browsing through the content:
“Pigmice” as the header for your site isnt at all descriptive. Whats a pigmouse? what is the significance?
FRC stands for “First Robotics Competition”… might wanna fix that (similar error with FTC)
Sponsors deserve their own page. Going to fundraising to find no info on sponsors or fundraisers was kind of concerning.
Your calendar page is very stretchy and doesnt seem to convey all the information that probably is there
It was kind of concerning that the “photo gallery” contains no photos and only one video.

So in general i think your site need a LOT more content.

I think your banner needs a little more thought. It could use some graphic work. It looks really “plain” right now.

I like how you go and describe things, but without pictures, your website is lacking. People generally see pics and then they want to know what’s going on. You are basing yourself off the fact that the reader is genuinely interested in your team before they even visit the website.