Website Loadtime

Anyone know a good reliable site to test this with?

Any web browser?

I doubt many website judges are going to ping the latency of your web server, but rather use a relative test, like “this website loads about as fast as any other website on my current connection speeds” or “this website loads a lot slower than most other websites on my connection”.

Thanks art. Just checkin’. The kid I help was wondering if they would check that stuff out.

Although judges probably aren’t paying attention to details like that, it’s a good idea to check the website speed since it makes a difference for your audience (and sometimes there are simple ways to speed things up).

Check out Google’s “Page Speed” extension for Firefox:

There are probably a few others available for Firefox or other browsers. Either way, those tests will take into account the way browsers process web pages and download files. Then, Google has a few guidelines on improving speed:

This is also a great tool (a website, nothing to install), and it’ll provide detailed recommendations: