Website [><Please look><] :)

Hi Chief Delphi. I recently made a website for my team, and I am just wondering if there is anyone on here that would mind testing it and posting any feedback, and how long it takes to load.

The url is

Thanks! :smiley:

P.s. Please don’t vote in the poll if it doesn’t load, I just want to know if it looks good and loads within 2-6 seconds.

can’t get to your site.

Not loading here either

loading fine here, loading takes 3-4 seconds.

I got it to load and I like it. The only thing I might make a suggestion about is the lettering/color for the calendar page. Granted I am old :wink: but there is something about the combination that kind of makes my eyes hurt. i think it’s the same color you’re using for the smaller text but when it is used with the larger text it throws me off a little bit. It’s probably a personal thing but other than that I like it.

GOMINASAI (sorry) I also have the same problem of not able to load. I thought it was just our schools network connections but after a while there was no website on. (TT__TT) I was totally looking foward to it.

Perhaps a bit more info on the “about us” section.

As far as functionality goes, it seems to all work.

As for design, it could probably use some improvement. :stuck_out_tongue:
Your home page is a little cramped looking.
Try and keep a consistent header across the website.

Edit: May I suggest you try and use that extra white space on the sides? If you were to expand your “main” div, you could fit more content spacing, possibly reducing the cramped look. Also, you might be able to fit your navbar on one line, instead of 2. (This can also be achieved by changing the padding in the li class “noncurrent-page” from “padding: 0 10px” to 0 5px.)

You could also add a footer for extreme awesomeness.

Oh, and a technical question-

Why are you using dropbox to store a html file, then have your .tk domain just display one large frame?

Thanks for all the feedback!:]

looks good nice job

To the dropbox question: When I started this website all I was expecting to do was have some pictures and info, so being a complete n00b to website design I used iWeb and had it publish to my dropbox folder. Then I just set the .tk account to display the main .html file. As I said I am a newbie to webdev, so I am open to technical suggestions in addition to aesthetics.

P.s. if it doesn’t load, refresh it. If it still does not load wait a minute than try again.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

strange… its not loading for me anymore.

With iWeb, why would you have to use dropbox. I made my team site using iWeb and all i did was drag the images from wherever they were into the place holder box. BUT if you were making an album, I would suggest using iPhoto, creating the album you and, and then import the album under the “Pictures” tab on iWeb.

Here is the site that I built:

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]

Everything loaded fine in Chrome (8). Took about 5 seconds to load.

My two main suggestions:
First, the page feels too cluttered. The biggest culprit here is the region that includes the sponsor’s logos. Find a way to break up the page appropriately.

Second, get a real host and a real domain. Hosting the site on dropbox (while I love dropbox and this is certainly a novel use) is not practical. Judges may or may not wait that long for your site to load, and if they do they will take off quite a few points for that.

You can find hosting that includes a domain for as little as 3 or 4 dollars a month. I personally like, but there are plenty of others. You could even find a free host and pay $10 a year for a domain if you were so inclined.

A real host will expand your opportunities for the site in the future and will drastically reduce load times.

Ok, thanks guys! Sadly my team doesn’t have a budget for a paid website so that’s not going to happen this year. I’ll definitely take your suggestions into consideration.

Thanks again, Teamcodeorange

Lol, My website doesn’t load as fast, but it is as good or better than your site, as it has a lot more functionality. :wink: No offence.

Sorry it don’t seem to load for me either :frowning:

Oh, yeah, and the reason I used photobucket is so that if anyone on the team wants to see their pictures on the website they can upload pictures to the album I use for the homepage, or photos tab, and have them automatically be visible on the site. :]

Ok, so I just cleaned up the homepage a lot and moved some stuff. Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Lol, sorry I was just updating the site when you tried to access it. Sorry! It should work if you try again.

Nice job. Loaded in three sec.:]