WEBSITE posted - 177 Bobcats

Yeah, I don’t want to hear it took me long enough, the site on the SWHS server never recieved the full working version. I took the liberty of setting up a server on my personal computer to host our promo cd that we handed out at the Nationals. Now it’s online! Since I am the owner, and I have graduated, the school can no longer tell me to remove extra material containing FIRST impurities that i have a knack of including anyway (i.e. Disney and Flordia Adventures soon to come elbow nudge).

The url is very easy to remember:

then sepulker as in my username
followed by the best part, bobcats (hence the bobcattiness)

put it together: http://sepulker/bobcats

-Note: In no way does this site reflect on the integrity of South Windsor High School directly. Its purpose is to promote and educate the FIRST program through media. I take responsibility for everything posted. If something is seen as offensive in anyway or you want to contact me, email Thank you.

177 Bobcat Robotics

the url doesn’t work.

Yeah, the form in which you have displayed the URL is typical of a tcp/ip loop back address (its like you typed localhost, or, meaning this address can only be used to access the web-site from you own computer, or one connected to your internal network. Maybe your raw IP address (or masked one, run through a URL shortener like,, etc. .) would work.

huh, you’re right. try

you’ll probably want to change the URL in your profile too…

In your 1996 section, you’ve got some pictures of our bot, do you have any others? Or any that are larger or better quality? Thanks


Love the page Nate…if you need some more pics, I have a ton from this year as well. (Quincy, Nats, and BattleCry)

~ lora

while we are talking about websites

there are some dead links, all of those pages are being worked on… oh and if you find a bug report it to someone… here or just e-mail me or somthing :slight_smile: