Website Validation with regard to CSS3

My team’s website uses CSS3 such as border-radius. It validates as CSS3; however, when one goes to the w3c css validator, the default option is to validate against the Level 2.1 profile. Of course the site fails to validate as 2.1.

I am planning on putting a page on my team’s website about the website. I can mention that it validates as CSS3 there. How do you recommend making sure the judge for the website award validates the site as CSS3 and what do you think of this issue?

My team’s website also uses the HTML5 DocType; however, by default the HTML validator uses the DocType to detect what it is validating so there is no issue.

You can set the CSS validation options in the post of the called url.

For example, if your css file is at,

the css validation link is,

In my opinion, it’s not that important to be 100% validated. I used to be super anal about this, but have learned that it really doesn’t matter as long as the site works and is consistent across all major browsers.

Obviously you want good HTML and CSS, so don’t do anything dumb, but also realize that you don’t need 100% validation in order for your site to work. An example of this would be not worrying about Youtube embed code not being validated.

Thank you perlgerl, that was the kind of solution I was looking for.

GGCO, I agree that there are times that one should not bend over backwards to make a site pass validation, such as when doing so would involve making a change that hurts browser compatibility. However, there are points for the website award if a team’s site is valid HTML and CSS.

I thought that the CSS3 spec wasn’t finalized yet, which is why the validator doesn’t default to check against it…?

I end up referring to the FIRST website as a standard (albeit it is not the best), and they 57 CSS errors, so clearly the browser compatibility is the key here (IE is a horror to code for)