What would be a legit free website maker to use??::rtm::

I’ve seen many teams use for creating free websites. I also have know that you could use

These are web-based website builders that are free.

Weebly is decent and easy. You can also make a blog which is easy to update. So if you don’t mind the added to your website address then it’s pretty nice.

Since our team started we have used yahoo pages, google pages, moonfruit and I think at one point in time wordpress. Since then we have broken down and paid for a domain name and hosting fees.

If you have the capabilities to create and design a webpage you have find hosting sites that cost very little.

See if you can get a hosting site to sponsor you and host wordpress or something if you dont have a person that knows html javascript php or css

We just started switching over our website to wordpress. We did that since it is so easy even I can use it, so I figure pretty much anyone can use it. Of course you’ll have to find somewhere to host it. Check with your local FIRST officials for options, FIRST WA hosts sites for teams in our state.

This just went live on Mon, we have a number of upgrades we want to make and a lot of stuff that needs to be ported over but we are very happy so far.

we used to code in straight up HTML in the past. But this year we’re using Drupal for out website. Our website is still a work in progress.
Ask yourself what you want on your website. And then chose from your options!

I second although they have changed quite a bit since i last used them.

I would also look at Joomla. That is what I use, and there are many modules that are free to help build your website. If you have any questions about the Joomla system shoot me a PM.

Joomla is actually what we are switching away from to Wordpress. In our experience Wordpress is easier for a non-computer type person to use and we want all of our team members to contribute to the website content, not just the programmer/computer savvy types.

Well I do agree that it may be a little bit more on Joomla to get some things implemented, but it is very easy to implment a system where everyone can contribute just like a blog.

Check out the FIRST BAA’s website presentation, it has some tips that might help you start out:

Definitely use a content management system of some sort. It’s not worth it to make a static HTML page, unless you really want to learn about web design/programming.

My suggestion would be drupal gardens. I forget the address, but a quick google should work.

Google sites is fairly good, but it can be buggy at times. Multiple people can edit it in a similar fashion to Google docs, but they all have to have gmail accounts. It’s fairly easy to use as well.

My team’s Google site is

Google Sites can be really good! check out our site!

If your team happens to have access to an iMac, you can use iWeb. It works quite well if you can use it. :smiley:

Our team used Wix
check out our website…its 99% done.

if you want to make a website that is well reconizable in the sence of you can tell that it’s made with other web based website desinging stie thing then go for it but you will lose point (MAJOR) points when it comes to costume code. If you want something to be proud of than create your own website theres alot of ref. out there to help peopl. I have creted my teams website from scratch ( I started on the 13th of january (week after kick off) and ill have met the requirements for the awards criterior in about 2 days with about 98% costume code and about 2% generated code as in a google maps (generated) (an a menu bar created by Dreamweaver CS5) also if you dont have DREAMWEAVER use microsoft webdev its just like dreamweaver but its free and it show how many errors you have if any (dream weaver dose not do that)

If your goal is to learn, then I highly recommend that you start learning how to code basic HTML before you jump into using editors and prepackaged code. It will serve you much better in the long run to actually understand how all the code works, and you won’t be limited by your development environment.

This is our first attempt using google sites just having a hard time validating.
Let us know what you think?