As the name says “network”, this system is going to need to have a “home”.

At first, I was thinking that having some way in which multiple sites hosted by different teams could have the data. But… I think that would make things sooo much more complicated.

Now, the FIRST requirements of having just one website & keeping this open to all teams are:

  1. The site is not hosted by any team OR any team uses it’s money to pay for hosting

  2. More than one person should have access to the files, …

Now, there’s no rush, but here is my idea on how to do this:

The second requirement would be easy. Whenever a person is decided to be able to be trusted to not abuse the power or destroy anything, he/she would be provided with the access info.

The first one is also pretty easy. I’ve done this at least 8 times now. You send emails out to different hosting companies and request them to donate hosting. Becuase we wouldn’t be hosting any videos, we don’t need something mega huge like what cd or soap has. We’d need something like 200mb, (which i think normally has about 10gb trans. but i don’t think we’d need that), a mysql db, php, … I’d be willing to do something like this. As i then said above, i’d give some people who allready seem very involved in this project access and anyone who would also like to develope stuff.

I’m sort of bussy now, but we don’t really have a time crunch so everything shoudl be ok.

Now, for domain names… :slight_smile: is taken…
but… how 'bout ??

Any other ideas on domain names, hosting, or “test projects” that we should work on during the summer would be welcomed here!


How about Its a little shorter and much easier for those of us who can’t spell/type :].

Personally, I think “” is more descriptive than “firstsn” would be. Sure, it’s shorter, but it’s more cryptic. Where do you go when you want FIRST Scouting data? is a no-brainer, even if it is a bit longer.

*Originally posted by Jeff Waegelin *
**Personally, I think “” is more descriptive than “firstsn” would be. Sure, it’s shorter, but it’s more cryptic. Where do you go when you want FIRST Scouting data? is a no-brainer, even if it is a bit longer. **

I agree. I vote for or

either of those.

we can worry about the domain later…

For now, I’m going to try to see who will donate what :slight_smile:

You may have to buy the domain but i know that Brandon has special packages of webhosting for non team first related organizations.

Maybe you could talk to him about hosting.


I’m contacting a number of companies right now about web hosting. Hopefully, I’ll have something by Tuesday.

I’ll keep all of you informed.


how about and then u redirect it to your ip

to … :

*.tk names redirect IP to a server that you already have. FSN is looking to get a server & domain. The domain is the easy part, but getting a reliable, secure, and sufficiant hosting is the harder part. Servers cost anywhere from $10 - $40 /month for the amount of space they need, and *.tk doesn’t provide hosting for websites.

Without a server, a domain is useless, regardless of it’s extension.

On that note, I’d also vote for firstscouting.***

i realize that it doesnt offer webspace but cant someone just run their own dedicated server? Thats what does and their site says they are only running a dual 2700+

*Originally posted by … *
**i realize that it doesnt offer webspace but cant someone just run their own dedicated server? Thats what does and their site says they are only running a dual 2700+ **

Someone could, but we’d have to find someone with a spare machine, and an ISP that doesn’t prohibit running servers. The machine doesn’t matter nearly as much as the connection does.

As I pointed out, I’m looking into getting hosting.

I really don’t think having anyone run a server off their home connection would work.

I should have more info by Tuesday/Wed.

I dunno if any of you guys saw my last post in “The Network”. It kinda covers this. Except my idea was more talored to hosting the DB, but it could be applied to the website. My idea was you would have mutiple comps accross the nation acting like mirros… For a cheap start you can do that. With mirros you could have lets say 2 a region just for good measure. It could be maintained totaly via ftp servers. It would be best for everyone to have the same type of FTP server so that if something happens and somebody needs help its easy to TS it. Right now I use War Dameon FTP. Through FTP you would have an anaymous user for FIRST teams that would only have acces to the DB. Then Accounts for admins which would have access to htdocs folder in apache and whereever the DB is stored on the persons computer. You require some one to sync the DB’s, but thats needed only during competition season. I would say the idea comp should have equilvant to or greator AMD XP 2000+ prcessor 512 MB RAM b/c of the fact the home users may be doing other intense stuff. But if it were just a file server then you don’t need that.

Also, I have friend that has a hosting company. So like give me the specs of what you think you would need and I can ask him about the cost.


Here’s what I’m doing now.

I’m looking into getting a hosting company to donate a vps/vds system. This is the same type of system on which CD runs. Here are some descreptions of a vds/vps system:

The Virtual Dedicated Server is a full-fledged (FreeBSD stable) unix system. The VDS administrator is effectively the root of his/her unix system, being enabled to perform the whole range of system configuration and administration tasks, save the hardware management. The VDS closest relative is the standard dedicated server placed at a technical hosting site (a data center) and provided with a dedicated Internet connection.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide the control, reliability and security of a dedicated server at a minimal cost. Ensims Patent-pending Private Server Technology is used to ‘slice’ a high-powered dedicated server into private servers. Each VPS has guaranteed system resources (CPU, memory, disk space) and its own dedicated system files. As a result, your VPS is not affected by another VPS that resides on the same physical server even if that VPS crashes.

look and for more info.

We could use some type of ftp to sync with other servers if they wanted data, or mysql accounts, not to mention xml files.

I’ll keep you all informed on a reply.


Virtual Dedicated Servers are one of the better choices now that you mentoined it

Hey all…

I know I promised an update on Tuesday regarding hosting.

Well… Things are looking up (I hope :))

Hopefully, I’ll have a better answer tommorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all,


*Originally posted by Jack *
Hopefully, I’ll have a better answer tommorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… I do (sort-of)

I’ve done cough lots of work :stuck_out_tongue: cough, and can guarantee (or at least semi-guarantee) that I’ll have a host tomorrow :smiley:


Hey all…

Well we have a website. (Allmost) Thanks to the generous donation of Fluid Hosting, FSN has their own VPS. The actuall account has not yet been created, but should be by monday.

Also, I am still awaiting a reply for Venturesonline to see if they would also like to contribute hosting to FSN.

The overall specs of the Fluidhosting account are as follows:
100 MHz guaranteed minimum, 1200 MB
of space, 96 MB memory, 12 GB of transfer.

Because I needed to specify a main domain for the server, I submitted That domain needs to be registered, and will contact some other companies to have the domain donated. Now, on the this VPS, we can alias other domans to the main site and we also can create multiple sites, etc…

Once server is up, I will be asking people here who wants to begin to develop things.

More info as I get it.


OK guys, I haven’t read the rest of the posts, but I’ll give you the deal I’ve just obtained.

I can host a webpage for $25 a year. This includes the server and the web domain.

If you’d like more details or anything, email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you. Talk to you all later.


Hey all…

I’m still awaiting our account to be created by Fluidhosting, however I think this should happen soon.

Also, today I receaved an email from Venturesonline (This is the same host that CD has.) They said that they would like to provide FSN with a full dedicated server. (That’s right, an ENTIRE computer dedicated to hosting nothing but FSN). Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide more details soon.

The second we have one set up, I’ll be looking for people to begin design some web interfaces, …

Jack :slight_smile: