Wedge on front of robot

Our rookie team finished building the kitbot, and getting it wired and moving this week. After 15-20 minutes of jut driving it around in the hallway we decided to try to take it over a defence that we had built (Ramparts). The front of the robot slammed into the side.

After taking a closer look, it appears that the robot was about 1/8-1/4 to short to get the clearance needed to start over the obstacle. We are considering adding a wedge to the front of our robot to help lift us over barriers, or cutting a wedge from the underside of the kit frame, as seen in some testing videos here.

We saw success with a 4" tall, 4"deep (45* angle) wedge in a video, but aren’t sure that we want/can go with something that size. Have any of you prototyped this, and what were your results?

For the record we are using 8" andymark rubber wheels. We are considering switching out the front pair for pneumatics tires as well. Our robot is back heavy, it that matters.

I suggest you try it and see how it works. Just make sure it doesn’t extend past the frame perimeter.

A lot of teams have done wedges to get themselves over bumps before. If you don’t know, the 2012 game had some large see-saw-esque things, and some big bumps (similar to the rock wall) that robots had to cross. The wedge front was a very popular solution. Just remember, and I wish I could tell every rookie team this cause I see it all the time, you have to remember that you need bumpers to fit on the robot! Ensure that the wedge-front doesn’t make it impossible to mount bumpers, and that, with bumpers on, the wedge isn’t concealed. Best of luck!

I recommend using some quick prototyping to help solve this. Make a few angle pieces that can quickly be added and removed and then run them over the obstacles.

Or extend the frame perimeter to include it.

I would start with prototypes and proofs of concept first just to make sure that it is a working idea. I do believe that out team had the thought of using a wedge under the frame to boost the robot so that it could go over the rock wall.