Week 0.5 Events

Hello, does anyone know of any week 0.5 events / practice bot scrimmages and their corresponding streaming links if they have them? Thanks.

I doubt there are any scrimmages (unless for practice bots), as all competition robots are bagged.

I know there aren’t any with comp robots but last year there were a couple streamed practice robot scrimmages which were interesting to watch.

Kettering University is doing a week 0.5 scrimmage this weekend for the FTAs and field crews to get a bit more practice setting up, troubleshooting and breaking down the field. It’s probably going to be mostly practice robots but they will be allowing teams competing in week one districts to use out of bag time if they so choose. They are currently planning on webcasting it but I don’t have any of the specifics.

I’m not actually involved in organizing the event but my team will be participating and my father in law helps run the FIRST center where it’s being held.

Kettering University is hosting a Week 0 event tomorrow, 2/25, at the FIRST Center. I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of the practice bots do. :slight_smile:

It’s too bad there aren’t any official Week 0.5 events this year. I know Palmetto last year was a fluke, but it would be nice to have that early coverage of the game. (and find fatal flaws in the field design, like with the low bar fabric and cheval planks) Maybe FIRST should give one lesser known regional a Week 0.5 slot each year to draw more attention to it. I realize that teams don’t like not having a break between build season and load in for the first regional, but perhaps this could be somewhat offset by FIRST giving something to teams in return, such as making that event significantly cheaper, or giving those teams an unbag period.

You say that, but Palmetto last year was aweful for the teams. I personally need a bit of time to recoupe from the last few days of build and not just pickup and drive to compete in a regional.

Man idk what you are talking about, my team loved bagging the robot at midnight, then meeting back at the shop at 6 am to drive to South Carolina.

That being said, Palmetto as both an event and a venue is one of my favorites and if South Florida wasn’t week 1 this year we would have most likely gone back.

It is also very likely that some teams will be using out of bag time to practice with their competition bots as well.

Hence my suggestion to make the regional cheaper (like cheap enough for most teams to afford another regional) or give teams an unbag period as an incentive. Of course, this won’t get rid of the fast turnaround, and it could backfire heavily if teams sign up simply for those benefits and push out the actual teams from the region.

I think the webcast is more for training AV people so it may be up and down at times. If I find out where the stream is going I’ll send the info to TBA. Any footage taken will likely also be uploaded to the FiM YouTube Channel (as the streaming software they’re training on does this automatically after each match).

Do they have the official field yet (for Wk.1 and 2)?

They are setting up the official Week 1 & 2 field in the FIRST center tonight for our Week 0 practice event tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see it!

Nice. Me too.

Whenever anyone finds out the link please send it to TBA and post it here if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

From info I was given all FiM could use two hours of unbag time at Kettering, no matter what week they competed.

I was told there was an email. Can not confirm myself.

Do NOT try to do this. Only week 1 teams can unbag their robots this weekend per R18.
I would want to see some official note from FIRST confirming this before trying to do this, else you might have a bad day at your first event.

Yes, here in NC we can use our 6 hours 1 week before our competition. We have a week 1 competition so officially can use our 6 hours starting today.

Kettering is just open to Week 1 Teams for un-bagging and any week competing team’s Practice Bots (Which I believe is the majority lineup) Only!

Can confirm this is what my team was told when registering to participate.