Week 0 Event

Not sure if this thread belongs or has been started somewhere else

So unfortunately it did not work out for our team to attend 2 regional events like we originally planned. So instead of that we are trying to supplement that with going to a Week 0 Event and building a practice robot.

So I wanted to get a running list going of Week 0 events, specifically in the Ohio region. These don’t have to be the full field ones, we’re just looking for places that have built a full field and there will be other teams to test strategy and our robot with.

Note: I understand that some events may not be planned yet.

The Sunday before Bag n Tag we (FCR Team 1501) go Muncie, IN (Ball State University) for a pre-ship scrimmage. We usually have around 10 teams show up.

We tried to have on last year and no one was able to make it. We have not discussed it this year, but I may be on the table to try and have teams come down. If not official we will have our practice field up and open for teams to come and practice or test their bots.

Crevolution: FIRST Team 2851 will be hosting a week zero scrimmage. The First 12 teams to reply will be more than welcome to join us on Feb 15th in Sterling Heights, MI.

We will have a randomized match schedule with a relaxed atmosphere. We ask that participating teams bring 10 nonperishable food items to be donated to a local shelter. Also please bring your KOP game ball to borrow for the matches we don’t have 6 :frowning:

Isaac has kindly volunteered to put his inspector training to use and run through the inspection process with each team.

If a team is interested please email [email protected]