Week 0 Events in Michigan?

I’m looking for information about week 0 events in Michigan, preferably Southeastern Michigan.

Here at team 6101, we think that registering for a week 0 event would be highly beneficial to us, even if our robot is not functioning at full capacity in time for week 0. Here are some specific questions I have for the CD community:

What week 0 events are there in Michigan?
How/where do we register for the events?
How much do they typical cost?
What is the deadline for registration?
When do these events typically fill-up by?

Thanks in advance.
Team 6101 Strange Quarks Robotics

The only week 0 event in Michigan that I’m aware of is at Kettering University in Flint (assuming they’re doing it again this year, there were some… issues… last year).

Last year it wasn’t really a week 0 “competition”, per say, basically teams just got a practice match or two on the regulation field (they had a morning and afternoon session with a LOT of teams in each, so there wasn’t much actual playtime available).

I don’t believe there is any planned week 0 events except for Kettering.