Week 0 events

So, what events are happening during week 0 this year and where?

303 will most likely be hosting something for MAR and anyone else who would like to come at our practice field.

I’ve heard rumors of one using an official FiM field, don’t remember where though. Maybe Kettering?

The Stormbots are hosting a Week Zero event in Chanhassen, Minnesota on Feb. 15: http://www.stormbots4778.com/week-zero.html

We have the bleachers out for student seating, the field itself, and pit space for 24 teams in our large gym. Also have access to the Chanhassen High School wood/metal shops.

FIRST Force of the Oregon Mid-Williamette valley will be hosting an unoffical (if there are any official week 0 events) Week 0 scrimmage in Corvallis Oregon.

The event will be happening at Corvallis High School
The event happens ‘Week 0’ Feb 14, 2015
Doors will open for load-in at 8am and the field will open at 9am.

We have planning on having the odd hours (i.e. 10, 12, …) with open field time to allow teams to work on the field for system tuning and running matches as possible during the odd hours.

Currently this will be a ‘team’ field and not an official field, but will be a full size field.

Please go to the [FIRST Force Web site] for more information as the season progresses and to register for the event.


Would teams be invited to come from New York?

Merrimack High School in New Hampshire had one last year and I believe it was run by FIRST HQ.

We go to Suffield Shakedown, in Connecticut

We’re hosting a week 0 event in Greenwood, IN. It’ll be a “home-made” wooden field.

2848 is hosting one in Dallas on Valentines day! Details available here.


1511 will be hosting the Rochester Rally at Penfield High School on Sunday February 15th. A Wooden Field and Pit space will be provided for teams to work on their robots.

will there be a shakedown this year?

That is correct and FIRST and team 166 out of Merrimack High School will be hosting the Week Zero event again this year.

If you’re in the area, stay tuned for details.

So far, yes. Saturday February 14, 2015.

Team 537 will be hosting our 14th annual Mini-Regional on Sunday, February 15th at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin. Interested teams can contact us through our team website. :slight_smile:

GAFIRST usually holds a scrimmage for Georgia teams. This year, they are hosting three different scrimmages across the state at their Destination Einstein facilities.

You’d be correct.

Of course! More details will be posted on CD around Week 3 or Week 4.

See you guys at NY Tech Valley!

We now have a webpage with information on our scrimmage event:

Teams can sign up at the following link:

Event: ICC(Itasca Community College) Workshop:]
Where: In first sentence, Minnesota:)
When: February 15th, 2015:D