Week 1 Build Photos

Here is our week one build season photos using Google Picasa web albums.
Its on our new site that is still mostly under construction

Very nice photos, I like a lot of the shots that are their.

It would be nice though to see multiple picture instead of always having to hit the next to see all of them, or having to go to the website and view them there. If there was a different way you could do that it would help with viewers viewing your website


Your link doesn’t work. :ahh:

Yeah I was just mentioning that for website and friendlyness of the website for others as people don’t always like to link out. But I do like yours Koko Ed

The pictures are great, looks like you have had a really productive start of build season.
Although you have probably already realized, you have a picture of a basic chassis design and it does not have bumpers all the way around…might want to change that :slight_smile:

We intend to.