Week 1 camera issues

We had a lot of issues with our cameras at the Week 1 Del Mar competition. The video feed would not work half the time. We ended up having to unplug and plug back in the USB cameras right before the game, (in theory this shouldn’t work) but it did, half the time it would work. We got help from one of the field technicians, he created a camera.html, installed the shuffleboard and told me to start the camera server in the code, but I run out of time before the next game and after that, it was over for us.

We played a few games without cameras. Did anybody experience this? and if you did, were you able to fix it?

I talked to a CSA at Southfield this weekend. He was seeing similar issues. While he didn’t have a solution yet, he found that a temporary fix was to re image the Rio. He asked in the CSA Slack and last I heard there wasn’t a response.

Our issues started after we installed the latest NI Update. We did re-image the RoboRIO before the competition.

I was using a raspberry pi without issue whatsoever. I did hear of quite a few teams experiencing trouble with it at Palmetto though - may not be a local issue.

We had the same issue. “Server Closed” where the stream should be, but mostly only when we connected on the field. One fix that I found that seemed to work was a little weird; the CSA I was talking to said it was janky. However, it fixed the camera for most of our matches. What i ended up having to do was go into the WPI lib “send to pc” SubVI from Robot Main. Then in there, theres a specific string that contains the robot ip address it looks for. For whatever reason, I noticed that on the field the robot drops the “.local” part of the “roborio-(team number)-frc.local” so I basically just did a substring that checked if the last letter was an l and if not, i added “.local” to the string. I’m not sure why it was an issue and it really hurt our team so I’m hoping someone at FIRST can actually fix it. It broke again when the FTAs did “ipconfig /release” then “ipconfig /renew” when our computer was taking too long to connect, but i think that could be fixed by refreshing the drivers station. It was our last match and we lost by three points directly because of the issue, which was completely heartbreaking. Kinda annoying that it was pretty much out of our control and on FIRST/Labview’s end. Hope you get your issue sorted.

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We use LabView and we have a “Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam” on the robot. We had the same issues with the camera stream - “Server closed or lost…”. We were able to get our camera to work by restarting the driver’s station after getting coms on the field each match.

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10 teams here in Israel are using LabVIEW with USB cameras, and all but one of them are having issues with streaming to the dashboard. We (CSAs) are working on finding some quick-fixes, and FIRST HQ is working on a more permanent solution. With any luck it’ll be ready before week 2 (not that that helps the teams competing now).

Two of the quick fixes we’ve found are restarting your driver station before each match, and restarting the dashboard after the robot connects. You also need to be patient; sometimes it takes a few connection cycles before it connects. Between those two, we’ve been able to get most of the teams working. Still waiting for FIRST to release a more permanent fix though.

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Here is a post from the NI FRC forum

"We also competed in a Week 1 event. For our 3rd match, the drive team reported that the camera did not work. (Note: They are not always accurate in describing issues.)
I gave our technician the following instructions and the issue did not return.

  1. Before leaving the pit make sure all applications on the PC are closed including Labview and the Driver Station.
  2. Place the robot on the field and Power it up.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the PC.
  4. Bring up the Driver Station
  5. Wait for the Camera image
  6. The image should appear shortly after Com. If you don’t get the camera image, call the FMA technician. Don’t let them start the match until you get the image.
    This worked for us. When working in the PIT, I frequently do a ping of the roboRIO before bringing up the DS. I have never had a issue if I bring up the DS after I have confirmed com via the ping between the PC and the roboRio (provided the Camera was in the USB port at the time the Robot Booted up).
    I hope this helps… "

One of the key things I get out of this post is the following: “Don’t let them start the match until you get the image.”
On the next competition, if this happens again, I won’t let them start the match until we get the image.

You can find more steps to troubleshoot your camera if you are using LabVIEW and have problems seeing the image back to the LabVIEW Dashboard:

Robot Camera Images Not Appearing in FRC Dashboard

Thank you oscarfonloz, this is exactly what I need

At midwest they had a dashboard project that addresses this problem. We had to replace it as our standard dashboard project and it worked like magic. Until then we had no cameras.