Week 1: FTC Robot in One Week

So I know that all of you are getting geared up for the FRC season, but I wanted to let the CD community know about something that I had the chance to work on this summer as a intern at Autodesk. We are calling it Week 1, and the goal is to increase the excitement and level of competition in FTC.


Starting Sept. 7th, a group of FIRST® alumni and Autodesk® employees, will build/program an FIRST Tech Challenge robot at ADX to meet the 2013 FTC Challenge. They will work every day September 7 – 14 – ~9am – 9pm. The entire process will be LIVE STREAMED to anyone who wants to watch. It’ll include design talks at scheduled times, YouTube videos, IM for questions and demonstration of the Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD collaboration cloud tool. The event will culminate with the “Week 1” team bringing the robot to OMSI Mini Maker Faire on the afternoon of Saturday, September 14th and run it for the first time on the new 2013 field.

So if any of you feel like contributing, that would be awesome. All Autodesk software is free to FIRST teams and students, and Fusion 360, the worlds first cloud based CAD tool is free for anyone for 90 days. If you just want to watch the live cast and toss in your two cents that would be awesome. I will also be sure to monitor any strategy discussions on CD and add them to the discussion as we crowd source an FTC robot in one week.

Hope you all have a great season, and hope to see you on the webcast.
If during the build you would like to contribute, email me at nathan(dot)fuller(at)autodesk(dot)com

Nathan Fuller
FRC Team 2733 Alumni
FTC Team 176& 4066 Alumni

Can a mod move this to the FTC sub-forum or can you repost this there?

This sounds like a great idea for teams! I look forward to seeing the outcome. Thanks for doing this!

I’m excited for this!

After seeing how cool Robot In Three Days turned out, I think this could be a great learning experience for teams.

We are up and Running,

Is there like a video of the final design for this?