Week 1 Observations

Haven’t seen an overall thread to discuss how Power Up is being played for the first week of official events, so here it is! Biggest shock to me is how well teams are scoring as I noted in the scale scoring thread (that poll is way off in underestimating week 1 for once).

There was just a match in Dallas where it was 1v3. The 1 robot placed 1 cube in the switch at the start and scored nothing else the entire match. Blue scored 0 cubes and lost. Just got to know where to watch :slight_smile:

Robot performance difference of just a few percent can lead to score differences of hundreds. Bad year for OPR.

No sign of a rule similar to Aerial Assists Dead Ball addendum thankfully.

  • I haven’t personally seen a launching foul get called in a case that wasn’t pretty egregious. It’s great to see refs enforce this rule sensibly.
  • I really, really wish someone would do an “NFL Red Zone” style curated livestream feed. It is impossible to watch everything, and too hard to switch from stream to stream unless you are devoting 100% of your attention to it.

We’ll try to bring BlueZone back to TBA GameDay at some point this season. We currently have it disabled because we needed better match time predictions and ongoing match detection (which we seem to have now with the CV stuff), and our prediction system isn’t updated for 2018 so we have no concept of what “good” matches are.

[QUOTE=Jared Russell;1741812][LIST]
[li]I haven’t personally seen a launching foul get called in a case that wasn’t pretty egregious. It’s great to see refs enforce this rule sensibly.

Penalties seem to run high in the competition I’m watching. What penalties seem to be most common where you are?

Have you watched Great Northern? They’ve been more lenient today, but at least yesterday the refs were making some close calls. I don’t envy their job. They’re calling it by the book, but sometimes it’s hard to see a ziptie from 20 feet away.

Three things I noticed, teams that get the switch early win 80% of the time (approximated stat). Especially when teams get it in auto.

Teams are forgetting that this games scoring is not linear. Its not place cube get points, its own thing get points. I have seen a lot of teams put way more cubes into the scale than needed. Some teams will spend the entire match placing cubes in the scale and the other alliance places none.

The level of play has risen significantly this year. More robots are driving and competing than ever before. It makes me really excited for the future of the FRC.

I noticed that human players at the vault were a little too quick in activating their force or boost powerups. They’d place a power cube in the vault, and immediately hit the button before the vault counted the cube. There were several Level Two powerups played that were intended to be Level Threes.

It may be wise for the vault human players to double check that the cube they just placed is counted before they hit the button.

Agreed. This game is being played more competitively and effectively than any week one I can remember, and not just by a few powerhouses, by the middle 50%.

I noticed the same thing. I think this may be because teams are looking to improve their performance in terms of scouting data during qualifications. A team may look to display that they can consistently put x number of cubes into the switch for possible alliance partners. Although this does not make strategic sense, if they are going to win the match either way it may be beneficial to do this. It’s a different story if your switch is captured and its looks like you may lose the match. This is what makes scouting tricky this year, you cant really use the average of the number of cubes they score into the scale, switch, etc. as an indicator.

I’m noticing that at, at least, 4 different events (Great Northern, Central New York, Traverse, and Southfield) the Scale is woefully designed or constructed. Static buildup from the Platform messing with the lights, or straight up welds breaking between components.

It’s a long 8 weeks to go for the poor thing.

many “Top” teams from the last couple years are really struggling to compete. Could just be week 1 jitters, but many of them are overstepping what they can really do and seem to be hitting a brick wall early.

There are a lot of teams that performed/are performing very well for week 1. A lot more scale scoring than I expected for the first week of competition. Also, the team at Miami Valley that built the 118 everybot was very effective.

This game is full of “simple” worthwhile tasks in comparison to other recent games. Better COTS hardware and electronics, open-source software, and the diaspora of FRC engineering experience has made the average team a lot better since the last time there was a pick-and-place lifting challenge.

I hope simpler/easier games is the start of a trend!

EDIT: I also think this this is the first game in a while where experience with mechanisms from FTC/VEX really pays off in FRC.

Strategy wins in this game. If you want to learn a lesson about strategy, watch the Great Northern Regional Playoffs. There was some crazy high level play there by multiple alliances.

While strategy is a huge piece, don’t over think it. We created a way too advanced strategy for elim and it didn’t perform well at all. So plan strategy, but don’t go overboard.

Fouls are killer this year. Maybe it’s just week 1, but I don’t think I saw a single “clean” match this weekend. So many fouls are being called on accidental nudges of the scale, but surprisingly, I haven’t seen all too many called on illegal switch launches (which I know, is hard to judge, but some teams are just incredibly far away from the switch and still chucking out those cubes). Feels like there are some fouls being excessively called and others not being called enough.

Other than that, MAN, this is a fun game. Already seeing a lot of diversity in strategy, design, and playstyle. This is going to be an interesting season for sure, perhaps one of my favorites.

Saw a lot of matches today where I was like “why are you turning around to place on the scale!? They only have one cube on their switch and it is right in front of you!” Knowing when to attack a game element and when to bail on it decides matches. So does proper power up usage.

I really like that this game’s evolution is going to be about teams refining strategy and not just teams figuring out how to score period. This is a really accessible game with lots of scoring, and I wish we would get a chance to play it before Week 6. At the highest levels strategy is going to be a real-time path-planning optimization problem; which game element is worth the most value and which can I score in most quickly from where I am.