Week 1 OPR

Does anyone know of a way to get the week 1 OPRs for all teams in a week 1 Tournament?

I’ll have a week one update to my scouting database out in the next few days which will have this. You can also use this site, although note the calculation is a bit different from the standard.


The TBA V3 API would allow you to pull the OPRs directly from the Event database.

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I can’t get the website to come up. It just loads and loads.

@mray190 fyi

It worked for me. Here’s an excel of what it delivered.Week 1 Statistics.xlsx (100.3 KB)


I am having DNS resolution problems and sometimes the site takes forever to load, sometimes its instant.

You can try http://mray190.github.io/scout which is the github pages site for http://viperbotsvalor6800.com/scout/. It eventually will load! :stuck_out_tongue:

See more information on that site:

Thanks for doing archiving that!

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Just remember, it’s a onetime image. As Viper works on their system and data, this file wil not be updated!

Oh I am fully aware - I wrote the system :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

On that note, the data is being pulled directly from thebluealliance and calculations occur in your browser. No data is cached, and calculations are run every time you refresh the page.

You can also see the entire list of OPRs for all teams at an event on the TheBlueAlliance mobile app (Android, at least), in the STATS tab.

I really wish TBA would show the full OPR list on the desktop version (it just shows the top 15).


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