Week 1 Results Only

This thread is for Week 1 Regional Results only.
Please do not discuss specific matches or robots or teams.

Can someone from each regional site post champion and finalist alliances,
and special award winners?

The FIRST pages are not posted yet and I think many CD’ers would love to have this information in one easy to read / find thread.

Thanks in advance to everyone who provides the status.

NJ Regional:
Champions: 303, 237, 56
Finalist: 613, 716, 87

Winners - 33, 977, 388
Finalists - 616, 165, 346

616 got award for best robot design because we could everything in the game. I don’t remember what it was called.

all this is done and mentioned in Regional Winners list. Just look at that for this week and following week winners too i will be updating the post as the competitions roll by and i find out who won what. Thanx.

BAE GraniteState Manchester Regional (aka Manchvegas)
Winners: 501, 176, 69
Finalists: 40, 138, 175

Saturday awards listed here.
Friday awards listed here.
Official, BAE-taken photographs can be found here.


How about any results from pacific northwest?

Team #33 VCU Creativity award winners

does anybody know when all of the match results are going to be posted on the FIRST website?

First is being slow I vote some time later this week and the awards for some of the regionals are up now.

I did not record the special awards, but the winning alliance was 492, 1031, and 957. The second-place alliance was 1433, 753, 1294.

I took handwritten match notes on what actions each team took when, and these are on my site for behavioral scouting. No score breakdowns or anything fancy ; )


I’ve also got similar match notes for almost all the practice and prelim matches, but it’ll take me a couple of days to transcribe them ; ) If anyone wants those transcripts quickly, let me know.

-Piece, Pteryxx