WEEK 1 Scores

Can we have people post the scores for week 1.
It would be nice to see,

  1. The scores of the top 8 team (alliance captains) at each competition.
  2. Average score of all teams.
  3. Scores of the elimination matches.
    Have fun all team competing in week one events.

The Blue Alliance should have all of the information you’re looking for posted automatically.

You can also use FRC Spyder or the Blue Alliance mobile apps for on-the-go…

Does anyone know the details on the FRC FMS live twitter updates this year? I assume that they’re in the same place ( https://twitter.com/frcfms ), but all is quiet so far. Usually we see practice match results and field tests on practice days like today.

Still not sure about the status of @FRCFMS. I think it’s unlikely.

Thanks I know we can get the info at different places, but I think it would be fun for the FIRST community to have a place where we can discuss the differences of the many event happening this weekend.

Welcome to Chiefdelphi.

Can we get some of the scores posted.

RobovisionOD posted all the scores and rankings for South Florida http://app.robovisionod.com/