Week 1 vs. Week 2 Scores

As always, there was a significant difference in play between Week 1 and Week 2 events. Scores were generally higher all around. On average, qualification matches across Week 2 events scored ~3 points higher than Week 1.

Chestnut Hill takes the top spot with an average of 24.49 in qualification matches. Greater Toronto Regional - East recorded an average of 49.27 throughout their Elimination matches.

Note: Does not include Rutgers University (MARS) District as that event is not complete. Weekly average is an average of each individual event’s totals, not an aggregation of all matches (the difference is negligible).

One item of note/interest about Chestnut Hill. Due to the close proximity of the 2 events (15-20min drive) there were a lot of teams at the event that were competing at their second event. 7 of the 8 top seeds at the end of competition attended Hatboro-Horsham last week. I don’t have the time or energy to put more thought into this but figured I would throw it out there.

Exactly. The same teams that went to the highest scoring district in week one went to the highest scoring district in week 2. In fact, the same teams won. An alliance of 341 and 1218 won both events.

If it aint broke don’t fix it.

Just to put a number to it, there were 16 teams in the 37 team Chestnut Hill field that competed at Hatboro-Horsham.

Also notable the PHL elims, 341, 1218 & 2559 left **significant **points on the table in the QF & SF by spending their time on 4 unsuccessful (close) triple balance attempts.