Week 1 Weather

It’s pretty crazy out there, especially the northeast. I know that the college hosting CNY cancelled classes (but not the regional) and many schools couldn’t travel today because their home districts are closed. I’m also hearing reports of power outages near Harboro and NoVa. Share your weather stories here.

Just a fun fact
This is only the 5th? Time I’ve seen classes cancelled here. Usually classes only get campus wide cancellation if it’s done by the governor.

We left at 4:30 for North Virginia and aren’t even at Perryville yet. All bridges are currently closed and our hotel in Manassas doesn’t have power. This is the worst traffic I have ever seen.

Meanwhile in the great state of North Dakota in the 2nd best college town of Grand Forks it’s been warm with nice weather! 36 is warm here…

Yeah, what was a 2 and a half hours drive turned to 5 hours then turning around to go back and stay somewhere locally for the night and wake up early to finish the drive.

Typical upstate New York week one weather!

If the event was last week, we could have enjoyed a massive shift. We had 70 and sunny, 70 and sunny, 35 and rain, 28 and snowing in a 4 day span.

True, and congrats on your volunteer of the year award!

This is the best weather we’ve had in a while, and better than we’d normally expect the first week of March. Long sleeve early mornings (lows in the 40sF) and short sleeves most of the day (high ~74F), with clear skies.

I get an improvement in conditions when I head south for Orlando in week 2.

So uh… I may have spoken too soon. North Dakota and Minnesota are being pummeled by a giant snow storm. 12 inches of snow in some places. Really lucky that it wasn’t 2 days earlier or 2 days later. I think the impact for the Duluth Regionals will be minimized.

School was cancelled for us for the first time in 5 years or so. The last time was when the Governor mandated it because it was 50 below. We’re missing out on some valuable preparation time! :ahh:

We’re lucky them that our operator “forgot” to bring the practice bot back to the school after practice on Saturday. PID party at his house today before the roads get too crazy.