Week 1 Webcast

Will any of the webcast that are happening in Week 1 planning to archive the stream? Being in Hawaii makes it difficult to watch the streams on friday due to the time differences and school. In addition, this saturday we will be busy with our breakfast fundraiser and rummage sale, so we will be unable to watch the stream on saturday.

We will be livestreaming Inland Empire at citruscircuits.org/live and will later upload matches to our YouTube channel: Citrus Circuits Match Footage.

I think this is a good opportunity to beg everyone that is streaming to record the event.
If your not able to ask someone else to help record it.

Lets make this the year where not a single match goes unarchived

The Granite State District Event, as well as all other 9 New England FIRST Events, will be recorded and archived through Livestream.

You can check out all the details here:

I know that in the past the Midwest Regional Matches are archived on ustream generally within a few hours of being played. Since Illinois FIRST is using the same stream I am guessing they will be going with the same sort of setup.

GTR-West will be running Friday to Sunday, so be sure to check out the stream here and the archive here.

You can also watch up to 6 streams at once here of different competitions.

Team 1676 will be archiving full-field match footage of Mount Olive (Week 1), Clifton (Week 3), Bridgewater-Raritan (Week 5), and if we make it, MAR Champs (Week 7). All of the videos will be posted on our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(www.youtube.com/team1676).

Is it just my internet connection that’s broken, or are none of the streams on WFN or GameDay working yet?

Just wondering if anyone will be streaming the Pittsburgh Regional or negative or the New York Tech one?

Thanks! :confused:

I remember seeing an email from Patricia DePra stating that there was a team who stepped up to stream it. I don’t think that really pertains to the week 1 webcasts, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Webcast of the Greater Pittsburgh Regional: FRC Team 291 has volunteered to sponsor and manage the live webcast this year - thank you! We’re expecting to include a link on the PittsburghFIRST.org website and also plan to have it posted with other lists of webcasts on the usfirst.org site.

I can’t seem to get the justin.tv streams going from WFN@ONTO2. They all show offline. Have since they were posted yesterday.

I wonder why they’ve moved away from ustream like they’d been using for years. I know that historically, the boys behind WFN had a ustream pro account paid for by FIRST Robotics Canada, which meant the streams were ad-free too.

GTR West doesn’t start until tomorrow. Alamo stream doesn’t start till Friday.

I’m aware GTR competition doesn’t start until tomorrow. The webcasters had said they had the stream up yesterday, showing field construction. One of them just commented now though, saying its down again.

Hmm I must of missed the email. Apologies for posting in the wrong thread but just wanted to ask. Thanks Eddie.