Week 1 Webcasts

What Week 1 regionals are being web-cast?

According to robotics.nasa.gov, Midwest and NJ

Use this link to get to the NASA website.

WGIR will be web-broadcasting play-by-play of the BAE GSR finals on Saturday! More information can be found here: http://www.baesystemsfirst.org/regional/

Any Practice Day webcasts going on?

In addition to the webcasts, will NASA TV be broadcasting any FIRST regional events this weekend?

Found via Wildstang’s website:

Probably starts tomorrow.

New Jersey is up on NASA’s page.

Midwest isn’t up yet, but has the link:


Jersey is coming through perfectly:)

I keep having some odd episodes on the NJ webcast where it goes fully green for 1-5 seconds at a time.

Sounds like it’s just the feed. I keep getting the green screen every now and then, too.

Thanks for the New Jersey link, really nice quality!

BTW, I think that the green screen is caused by the fact that the other cameras are not set up yet, and when the AV crew switches to another view (as they will during the actual matches) it just shows a green screen.

Thanks for the webcast! It’s a good way to spend time @ school =D

Good luck to all teams!

The green screen is merely a chromakeying issue. The AV Crew is probably not bothering to set everything up perfectly for today, so when they switch from the ball randomizer (a full screen computer generated image), to the score display (a lower third computer generated image), they are probably manually invoking the keying instead of automatically.

That, or they’re watching Star Wars like they were last year :-p

Are the team numbers on the bottom of the screen (scoring display) correct? A bot labeled as 1089 didn’t look much like 1089 (looked a lot more like 25 to me).

The numbers would probably be correct for the teams in the original schedule, but it seems like certain teams are making very good use of the filler line :cool:.

Yeah, I just saw that too. This year though they have it so teams can stand in a line to be alternates if a team doesnt show up for a match. It was team 25, but whoever does the webcast probably doesnt feel like updating it each match, they just put in the schedule.

Midwest is up, but unstable:


EDIT: seems to be alright now.

neither is working for me NJ was working for a while but now neither work for me.

NJ might be off for the night, they already had their last practice match of the day about 10 minutes ago.