Week--2 All regionals OPR

All week 1 and 2 regional. Pdf and excel file attached.


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all.xlsx (35.5 KB)

all.pdf (373 KB)
all.xlsx (35.5 KB)

Youre doing a great service to many of us with this, thank you.

Im a bit disheartened that i had to scroll to page 3 to find my team. Oh well, we can only keep getting better!

If you went to balance on the coopertition bridge your opr will be lower.

As my team went almost every match for balancing on the coopertition bridge. Our opr is low.

How is the OPR calculated this year?

.WOW got a lot of catching up only on14 page week 2 2849
OPR 2.73027

wow, you’re right. Thats odd, what makes it do that?

Because OPR only measures match points scored, it doesn’t take the Co-Op bridge into calculation.

So OPR is how many points you scored?

We balanced on the coopertition bridge about 4 times in 10 matches and are ranked 10th in OPR.

Guess if you work out a successful plan with your opponents to balance it quickly near the match end, that leaves in more time for OPR-building goodness. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I understand. Coop bridge doesn’t provide points anyway, so why would a balance on that bridge lower the number of points your robot is expected to make each match?

Wow. #10, ahead of 1114.
There must be some kind of mistake.:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m fairly convinced that 2056 is superior to 1114 this year.

I’m further convinced that had 188/610/3360 not dumped 3360 off the back of the bridge in both finals matches that they could have beaten 1114/2056/1219.

It appears you are using data from “http://www2.usfirst.org/2012comp/events” to do the computation. If so, how are you calculating OPR from that data? i.e. what are you including in OPR?

Also, are you processing week1 and week2 separately, or are you combining week1 & week2 data?

great job with the stats, love seeing our team in the 19 spot after week two hopefully a sign of good things to come

Using oprnet to calculate opr.

Its week 1 and week 2 regionals.

Ouch. Page 11. I guess we got our act together and our robot in working order a little late. We should be better at St.Louis, after a little more improvement.

I believe Stundt1 is speaking of the opportunity cost of balancing those co-op bridges is not accounted for. Meaning if you spent a lot of time working on that while you could have been making baskets it doesnt take that into account.

Yes it takes to in account if you say double balanced but not coopertition balanced. Thats why its off a lot this year.

That’s why I find this OPR really odd. I mean, I can get why 1126 is low, because like your team had scores of 0, 3, 12 and so on, you also had a 50 with 340, and the matches you had with us were mostly in the high 30s and 40s, where your robot scored the majority of those points.

It’s a system that’s over my head is all.