Week 2 Competitions 2019


Since we’ve already begun to see some week 2 competitions come to a close; I thought that it would be good to start the conversation discussing interesting: robots, strategies, defense, matches, etc.

How do you all think that week 2 compared to week 1? And how do you think it will compare to future weeks?

I realized that in quals, there wasn’t much defense played against us or 1323.

My personal favorite robot so far is 1323. By far the best robot that they have built in my opinion. Can’t wait to see what they can do later in the season.


Well I would absolutely recommend checking out 5690’s defense during the Lake Superior Regional playoffs. It’s some of the best defense I’ve seen!

Unfortunately the webcast is one of the worst that I’ve ever seen. Literally it’s unwatchable. We need a large community push for static full field views. FIRST is trying to do a great thing by having their webcast units at every event… but unfortunately that’s all wasted effort when a majority of the webcast content is looking at a blank half of the field while all the action is happening on the other side.


7663 was our 3rd robot at CVR and played AWESOME defense. They shut down 2 opponent scorers at the same time in elims. They could also get onto our forks which was a plus :wink:. A steal as the 24th pick.


if you watch Miami valley at all look at quarterfinal match 1 or 5 4145 killed some people.


I just came back from Tech Valley regional and our robot was strictly defense. At one point we were placed 7th out of 36, never once scoring. The only reason we went down in ranks was due to our alliance partners in our last qual matches. (Might have ruined 5881’s but we’re not going to discuss that)


I heavily agree with the full static field view part. I even made a post about it but there was not much traction. Competition stream camera angle. Multiviews are okay, but switching views is really hard to watch.

Defense in qualifications seems to be a bit of Prisoner’s dilemma situation. It usually makes sense for one member of an alliance to play defense, but no team wants to the team that gives up the chance of scoring.


3630 vs 4607, 2826, and 3130 was also really fun to watch.


The webcast unit only includes three cameras. One wide angle full field view(located behind the scoring table), one pointed at the blue hab, and one pointed at the red hab. Any of the other camera views are provided by the production company who is primarily focused on providing close-ups for the video board in the venue.
Due to the rockets, a good portion of the webcast unit full field view camera is blocked. This is likely why the operator relied heavily on the production companys video feed. I’m sure there would be complaints that you can’t see what’s happening if they only used the webcast unit cameras.
Hopefully in the future FIRST will provide a few more cameras to get different angles on the full field.


Go watch the archived stream from either Duluth event and tell me if it’s acceptable. It’s not.

I’ll take a partially obstructed full field view over close ups of twitchy mcbrownout dropping game pieces every time.


They rammed into so many other bots that their air tanks fell off. They realized that their robot was nearly busted so then they just drove as fast as they could at HAB 2 and somehow launched themselves on top of it.


I agree with you, I’m not saying the VOD is easy to watch. Especially if you’re focused on a single robot.
I’m just providing some background on what the operator had to work with. If they kept it on the full field view they would still get complaints.
Like I said before, additional full field or 1/2 field angles would be the solution.


They certainly tried. I wouldn’t say they were very successful though.

A better example of crazy defense at MVR was 3792. They shut us down at certain points, and their skill allower them to do so without drawing too many penalties.


I’d say 977 had some pretty good defense going on at Chesapeake, switching between bots and making sure to not get fouls. On another note, my favorite camera setup was at the Ontario Durham College Event (on FUNAlysis, I think). Oh, and one of my favorite bots was Team 33 Killer Bees, just because of how they intook and shot cargo out. I just really like the rotating carriage, which to me seemed really cool.


Who would complain? Is there any who thinks changing views is better than static views? I don’t think people would actually complain, especially if the multiview static stream is also made available like they do for some events.


I agree with you. If there were any complaints at all, they would probably be that there weren’t multiviews (rather than because there were full-field views), but that is based on event sponsors and full-field is kinda standard anyway.


They were out to get us, that’s for sure.


That was incredibly fun to watch, but also scary. Entire crowd went nuts when they almost knocked 302 over.


1018 had the mother of all hab yeets in their last quals match at St. Joseph. They may have flipped the bot but DANG they did it in style. They get TSIMFD’s drove-it-like-you-stole-it award for week 2


Yes, the Army Ants performed great!

Still wearing one of their wristbands right now…


I love those webcasts that were in 2017. One big camera, a left one and right one. Those events that have the overview on top are cool but i cant tell what the robot is doing especially if they have elevators. You dont see it go up. I cant stand the fact they keep switching the cameras, keep 3 static and have a little space for the swapping one.