Week 2 Competitions 2019


2791 got 4 RP’s on 4 Quals matches. I was pretty impressed.


Week 2 competitions definitely had more defense going on than week 1, though I can’t speak for everything because I only watched PNW competitions. 2907 vs 2046 and 1983 was fun to watch during eliminations, though they played dirty and there were pieces all over the field. Our team also tried the hab level 2 yeet and it was a success, we didn’t break anything and did it multiple times. 2046 and 1983 during a qual also had a 4RP match, since 2046 alone can almost pull off an entire rocket.


We still have the rest of the season still to play, but 7671 may possibly turn out to be the most successful rookie team since 2056, and I don’t say that very lightly. They were easily able to assert themselves as one of the best cargo cyclers at Wake County (NC), an event loaded with powerhouse teams. I suspect the biggest reason they were able to do this was the fact they had 2 weeks of driver practice, at least according to one of their members. They ended up ranking 3rd in quals, and basically single-handedly created the most tense atmosphere I have ever personally experienced, as they became a massive unknown variable. What happened next shocked everybody, they picked like a typical top tier team, trying to get 900 (one of the better hatch cyclers and a somewhat consistent lvl 3 climb) who declined (I imagine they regret that decision now, they lost to them), then picked up 5190 (very good at hatches and cargo, and ranked too low to decline). They proceeded to make it to finals and lost to a strong #1 alliance (which my team was on) due in part to factors out of their control. Due to their rookie bonus however, they are currently ranked #1 in the state. I should mention they did all of this with a bucket.



7671 definitely created some buzz and they were really fun to watch! It’s crazy what teams can do with skilled driving and a simple but reliable robot.


I’ll remember Deep Space Week 2 as the week in which Hab Lvl 3 Buddy Climbs made their first appearances.
It should be noted, though, that those buddy climbs all looked incredibly risky and probably will be used by teams with much parcimony.
But boy are they spectacular!


This could be seen as a little bias, but I feel like it could get overlooked since so many great teams played this weekend. Team 5460, Strike Zone played at Milford this weekend and although we did not rank as high and do as well as we hoped, since we had a small bug in the code that only happen while connected to the FMS, we were able to solo fill the rocket by ourselves in Q21.


5460 is honestly one of the most overlooked teams in Michigan. You guys consistently build very competitive robots, but have a lack of blue banners because of a combination of luck and going to extremely tough events (Milford Troy last year, Milford Kentwood this year). I’m really rooting for you guys to have a breakout year soon, and win two or three events in a season. Keep up the good work! The cream always rises to the top.


2046 lost their camera before the playoffs which eventually led to their incapacitation. Clearly affected their play during the playoff matches.


I don’t think that the videos are on YouTube yet, but 1817 was able to play defense quite effectively (Amarillo district). They almost beat the number 1 seed (148,3310) by using defense. They ended up losing by 4, but the number one seed scored ~35 less points than their elimination average.


We actually soloed a rocket twice. Once in Q55 and again in Q62.


2046 was AMAZING and it was painful to see them sitting dead on the field in the semifinals. I expect them to rank #1 again at their next event.


Nothing wrong with a skillfully used bucket. One of the things I love about this competition is how a robot made of PVC, buckets, doorstops, a leg lamp, and a vacuum-powered trash-can lid can beat a full CNC robot with carbon fiber and all the fanciest technology we have. (Admittedly I’ve never seen all of these on the same robot (yet), but I’ve seen every one of these do well in competition.)


Yes, @Austin2046 what happened during semis? I was in the pits so I couldn’t watch, and my team was just as confused.


Can you find a photo of the leg lamp robot? I’m very curious now!


Was that robot Fra gi le. :grin:

Christmas Story.


I’m not entirely sure, but I know our camera was giving us issues going into playoffs and stopped working. We were trying to fix it, thought maybe it was the port on the roborio, swapped out roborios, borrowed a different camera from skunkworks and taped it on… i heard we ended up creating a short circuit somewhere. I don’t have all the details though.


It was definitely really sad to see you guys go over such an uncontrollable issue like that. You guys were definitely going to get the dub.


Sounds like we made a good choice going to Midwest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Were any frame incursion penalties being called? I feel that is a thing referees should be looking out for more often. I believe at least a few teams were frustrated at lack of oversight in that area.


This is actually something I am quite bothered about. In many matches at MVR especially in the playoffs we were the main focus of the defensive bot (1st pick is the opposing sightline of the 2nd pick which makes it the most convenient for defending) and we saw very few spotted fouls in the matches where heavy defense was played.

The frame perimeter incursion penalty wasn’t called in the following matches (timestamped):

https://youtu.be/SZ6_8aXhquk?t=97 (“4145 climbing on top of 3324” from the commentator)

https://youtu.be/5nkgCaR0QGU?t=39 continued to drive their wheels whilst in 5724’s frame perimeter

https://youtu.be/5nkgCaR0QGU?t=124 same incident

We were unable to climb in one of our quarterfinal matches because the hit from their bumpers actually broke off a valve from our climb piston. We brought this to the head referee of the regional and he told us that he “couldn’t give a yellow card because it was unclear who initiated the contact.” This bothered me quite a bit, because the hit happened while we were moving towards a placement, which makes it impossible for us to have been the ones initiating contact. 3 seperate incidents should’ve been egregious and a red card, in my opinion.

If there’s anything I’m missing in the rulebook please let me know.


Actually, it’s hard to see how egregious any frame incursion was by 4145 against ye due to the really unfortunate camera angles, but I did see 4145 playing some dang good heavy bumper to bumper defense the majority of the match. In fact, 3492 ended up driving under them at one point and pushing them a nontrivial distance in this orientation. If anything, that should have been called as an intentional act. I’ll have to watch the other videos to comment further.

This seems innocuous - really depends on who climbed on whom. But it seems 5724 is backing away - unsure if 4145’s wheels were hitting the ground there or not. If they were still pushing forward and it was clear, then yes, they made no effort to disengage and should have been flagged.

Now this one I can get behind. Seemed to get pretty far up in there on the one hit.

In general, any situation where one bot is on top of/underneath another for an extended period should be HEAVILY discouraged. As should any occasion where a robot uses an ahem appendage to enter another’s frame perimeter, accidental or otherwise. But bumper zone contact is just going to be a thing teams will have to deal with.