Week 2 Live Discussion

Week 2 here we go! Let’s use this thread for live discussion. Talk about anything week 2 here. Any robot, any event, anything you want.

Tethers are starting to come out in full force… Sometimes not in good ways though sadly

3360 is going to be a good pick up for someone. They struggle with coopertition so I don’t see them seeding very high but they stack very quickly and smoothly.

I agree totally. 3360 is definitely quite smooth and will definitely have a 20-pt auto by playoffs. One thing they have to be careful about is losing their stack when they are building it in the landfill. I watched their first match and it looked a little tipsy. But otherwise they’re definitely going to be playing late into Saturday.

I am seeing a lot of robots struggle when the totes are too tightly packed. If only if only…

Why do any webcast-creators use Livestream or Ustream? They consistently give horrible webcast quality and drop users all the time.
Whereas Twitch is generally fantastic, and YouTube (when videos aren’t being taken down due to copyright notices) is generally better as well.


A good twitch stream is good, there are plenty of people who don’t know how to properly stream twitch. If you can work through the software and learn the hot keys you can have a very smooth stream.

Livestream worked great last week when streaming Dallas.

what do you mean “not in good ways”?

“Great” meaning the stream didn’t drop and I knew who the robots were because the big black one was 148 and the white and gold one was 118.
A great webcast is one where I can see the whole field the whole time, the scores are clearly visible, and I can tell what robot is what because I can actually read the numbers on the screen.
Twitch is just 10x better.

I’m going to second this one. :yikes:

the amount of time its taking once everyone is off the field to start autonomous is crazy.

I just saw a robot trip up another robot on the scoring platform its wheel got snagged on the robots tether.
On the other end of the spectrum there are robots with tethers that are just amazingly executed and provide a team with a very diverse set of tools for scoring.
I’m waiting to see a robot get AT-AT’d when a robot wraps the tether around the drive base and then a jedi runs onto the field and stabs the robot repeatedly.

You and me both. You and me both, son.

My only thought is week 2 is when we earned a spot to the Champs as rooks last year.

Now in 2015 its possibly earning it in weeks 5 and/or 6 with only 2 weeks to plan a trip back should we be successful again.

Last year we had 3 extra weeks to get it all together and it still seemed to go so fast just getting everything together for that team trip to STL with all the planning involved. So much to do amazed the teams do it in such short windows.

Potential 2 week turnaround to STL is really quick this year…thought of last minute air and booked hotels argh

Oh well hope we get to find out. Its was so fun last year. Just my personal thoughts on week 2.

Interested also in Central Valley this week.

Welcome to week 7 invites. It sounds silly, but plan ahead if you feel confident.

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I saw 118, and I’m pretty sure they were blue and black:D

1114’s Day 1 performance was so dominant, that if their alliance scored no points for the rest of qualifications, the second seed would still need around 200 points in their remaining 3 games to overtake them.

1114 = 141.5 * 8 = 1132*
2609 = 76.28 * 7 = 534*

That’s terrifyingly impressive. I wonder what their elimination/selection strategy will be.

*There seems to be disparity between adding up all the columns (auto/container/coop/tote/litter) and the QA. Not sure why, but the QA is more accurate. Is there double-counting somewhere?

Fouls don’t have a column, and are the one thing left.

anyone know if and where there is a live stream for ne district pioneer valley?