Week 2 Live Discussion

Of course! Can’t believe I forgot about that. Cheers.

1114 is indeed essentially solo’ing this regional. If they 1v3’d any of these robots in a match they would win, or come extremely close. And that’s really scary. I’m really looking forward to seeing the 1114 and 2056 duo at Windsor…

NE First:
Springfield Pioneer Valley Event District (3/6-3/7) - Blue Stream

North Shore Reading Event District (3/7-3/8) - Red Stream

Or how about **any elimination alliance **in the world so far

1114’s average score: 142.90
3130, 525, 4215 average score: 138.43
118, 624, 2613 average score: 137.75
148, 987, 3802 average score: 130.13
4488, 2550, 2093 average score: 105.29
33, 1024, 4768 Average score: 91.14

1114’s Achilles if there is one…will be not fast enough grabbing contested RC’s off wall by itself

What I do like a lot about 1114 is the fact they can process via LF faster than any HP bot which is what I have been saying all along don’t give up on LF their are more totes there easily accessible. Not slowed by tote chute door.

I think theirs is the best overall design hands down (1st two weeks) due to word class LF processing speed…with a single non-tethered bot. They typically match with a single bot what 148+987 (three bots with Human help) do.

If 1114 gets matched with the fastest RC wall grabber the WC is in the bag… I don’t care what the third robot does unless they are the fastest RC+Noodle topper…alleviating slower the RC 1st step in building the stack of 1114 (26 seconds shave off 8-10)

There is no question in my mind they can be the best by design and not neglecting the plentiful LF.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure the 148, 987, 3802 alliance score is offset by the many games in which one or both of them were either not moving or not allowed on the field…

Totally savage match just happened in Arkansas, Roboteers and Pwnage looking terrifying.

Edit: Metool also looking scary, can’t leave them out.

206 points in a qual match, compared to last week’s highest elim score of 215…

2481/2451 are on fire.

Here’s some fun numbers out of Canada

Alliance 1 Captain 1114: 142.9
Alliance 2 188+4001: 142.7
Alliance 3 4946+3360: 142.5
Alliance 4 1310+2609: 134.8


This game doesn’t necessarily scale like you think it should. Certain strategies in the game right now (at least at GTRC) are stupid if you try them, while in 7 weeks it’s stupid if you don’t. As far as I know, 1114 has not run a co-op stack themselves in any match even though they generate an auto tote stack. I assume the POV they take is because of the disparate quality of them vs. the field means for every time they run a Co-Op stack they artificially inflate the scores of the other 5 teams on the alliance, with their partners to a lesser extent. Some events even a robot like 1114 might be better off with having co-op run than not, but right now they are beating the median QA at GTRC within the first minute of the match.

Also even with the 610 pick by 1114, they probably don’t even need step cans here. None of their opponent combos are breaking the 150 point barrier, which is a somewhat arbitrary benchmark I establish for an elim score you can achieve without step cans. I’m not including third robots just because if anything third robots at a pretty shallow event like GTRC could be impeding scores even in the 4, 5, and 6 alliances. 1547 might only see the field so 1114 doesn’t have to tether to their ramp.

Is it just me, or are teams seeming to go for (and complete) the coopertition stacks less and less often? If so, why the big change from week 1 to 2?

We had the same problem at PNW Auburn Mountainview last week

Did anyone watching Pioneer Valley (NE) see what the match replay of SF6 was for?

I believe our teams alliance played that match. There were significant field communication issues that hindered both sides auto. Every team was in the question box at the end of the match discussing with the head ref.

Actually, we don’t have the ability to coopertate.

They are going for them less often, and it’s likely due to the dynamic of who really needs those co-op points.

-The best teams now realize that they don’t need those points to seed high and be picked early, as co-op doesn’t count in elims. Often, the top 4 alliance captains don’t even finish in the top 10 in co-op.
-The teams that are on the bottom of the standings and need points desperately (averaging in the 30’s to 40’s or lower) often can’t do co-op reliably, so they won’t get it done either.
-A lot of teams who won’t be captains, those obviously below #15 seed, don’t go for co-op in the last few matches often to demonstrate their skills to alliance captains, again reducing the number of willing robots.

That, and you need to find 2 partners on opposing alliances to do co-op, and because of the reasons above, it just doesn’t happen that often anymore. Going forward in week 3 and beyond, I see even fewer co-op stacks being formed, given what we’ve seen so far.

I figured this would happen about this way around Week 6 of build. That last group is likely to co-op early, though, or try to, to see if they can get higher. The “bubble” teams (9-14 or so) will go for it every match if they can.

I thought that might be the case.

Holy crap! Team 1114 is amazing, incredible, exciting to watch, and overall BAD $@#$@#$@#!!! That is a rockin’ machine

What’s 1114’s abilities been sofar? I’m assuming capped stacks out of the human player station- how many per match? Checked blue alliance, but don’t see any videos.

That’s what it looked like. Congrats this weekend. We learned a lot from y’all.