Week 2 Observations

Well, it’s a little bit late for this but i made one last week so I figured I’d make one for this week from my observations this week at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional which I attended. Again, any observations you make, comment them and I’l add them to the list. Also criticism is greatly appreciated! These are my personal observations and opinions on what I am seeing

  • Throwing noodles has definitely died down especially when alliances are working on co-op because many have realized how important those co-op points are.

  • On that note… Noodles seemingly just clutter up the path for co-op and make it difficult for both alliances. Wait until co-op is complete to throw noodles. (Noodle agreement 2.0)

  • Human players be careful! It’s silly mistakes of untrained human players that really wreck an alliances score.

  • Common fouls, G-33, G-6-1, G-6. (I’l add more once I review what the actual rule number is)

  • Many teams like to add the noodle to the container over the alliance wall. Don’t put noodles in the cans over the wall in the last 20 seconds!
    This counts as a G-33!

  • 60 Second set up and tear down time IS
    being enforced. You will be disabled if you can’t set up in time

  • Scouting is SO SO SO important! A great example of this is at Pittsburgh, the Number 6 alliance
    won the regional.

  • AKA ranks mean nothing if you scout smart and choose partners that complement your abilities to the max. Check out the video at the bottom to see how well each alliance member complements each others abilities

  • Being able to grab containers off the step is HUGE! especially in autonomous. When you start getting into eliminations, alliance captains who can make a lot of stacks want someone who can get those cans.

  • Co-op points again mean so much in match scores! Meet not only with your alliance to work out co-op but also the other alliance!

  • Bigger stacks doesn’t necessarily mean more points. If you can make smaller stacks with a can at a speed that totals more than you would get with a six stack and a can why would you not stack smaller? Again check out Pittsburgh Finals Match 3. They make stacks of 4 and still win!“The Math of the Cans”](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135198&highlight=math+of+the+cans)

  • CONSISTANCY CONSISTANCY CONSISTANCY! Teams will be looking for this in eliminations! Good for you if you score 80 one match but 20 for the rest. Alliances want dependable partners! This is where averages play a role. Just a few bad matches can wreck your average but if your consistent you shouldn’t have to worry about it Thanks Citrus Dad for the observation!

I will be adding more within the 24 hours that Chief Delphi lets you edit posts so if you want your thing on here post it soon! Each update will now be colored red!

Pittsburgh Finals match 3

Poll on robot types people want Thanks NHoffmann

Thanks for posting again! These observation post have been very helpful so far.

Edit: Excellent video on what good scouting can accomplish

A “counter” observation:

Too many top tier teams spent time on building coop stacks without assessing the payoff risk correctly versus building their own stacks. It doesn’t take much to exceed the probable payoff from attempting a coop stack.

One other:

Consistency is more important than taking risks to get a higher score. The consistent teams seeded higher in general.

Math of the cans is why we stack 5.

very good point on consistancy