week 3 Photos


We will be adding through the weekend

I hate to bring this up but why aren’t the engineers wearing safety glasses? ::ouch::
Other than that, it looks like one sweet bot.
Good luck this year.

I have to agree, where are the safety glasses? :ahh: I even seen kids without them. Everything is looking great but 1 accident will overshadow the bot. Take it from our team, accidents happen. One of our mentors cut off 2 fingers a few years ago and FIRST really enforced some major rules that year. Though fingers and eyes are 2 different things, I would hate to see anybody get hurt anyplace on their body. We enforce safety amongst our team above anything.

We will enforce the safety policies, thanks for the heads up

hey nice picks.

also i saw your sweet shooter design. looking forward to seeing you at competition

good luck from team 698 !!!

I commend this team for taking an intelligent response to safety by figuring out when safety glasses… or other protective gear… are needed and using them then.

There are lots of other things to commend 842 for, including posting photos of what looks to be a very promising robot design.

This is not an FRC pit, open to the public, where simplified rules need to be enforced so that everyone can understand them, but a team with obviously very capable, concerned leadership that has taught the team members to assess the risks of an individual task and respond appropriately. An intelligent response is far better than a reflex response, even a well intentioned one.

Way to go, 842. A class act as always.