Week 3 Preview: The Lone Star Central Regional

Week 3

The Lone Star Central Regional

This coming weekend, 39 (40?) teams will travel to the Lone Star Central Regional at Strake Jesuit to compete. With no big heavy hitters coming in, this is anyone’s regional to take. However, there are a couple of teams to highlight.

Team **192 **GRT is coming off an exit early in the Quarterfinals at the Utah Regional. With a swerve drive and consistent switch auto, 192 could be the dominant scale robot at the event. Consistency will remain the key determiner in their performance.

Team 231 is coming off back to back Alamo Regional Wins, and is looking to continue that stretch of banners into the Lone Star Regional.

The 2013 Champs Winner 1477 is coming off an unexpected Quarters exit at the Dallas Regional. With changes planned for their robot including their intake, Texas Torque is looking to strike back and dominate the scale this weekend.

2587 has a catapult robot that can handle the switch and even the scale. With a more consistent catapult, this could be the Discobots best chance at winning a blue banner in recent times.

3735 is walking in with a wide frame “cascading” elevator, that looks to be the common feature among FIRST’s best. The formerly known as “Klein Bots”, but now named “VorTX” team is looking to be playing late on Saturday.

3847 is coming in with a 2014 Pink Arm style which has great potential. Their build blog proved that they have a plan and the capability to compete with the best. Besides their on field prowess, along with 1477, 3847 looks to be the Top Contender for the Regional Chairman’s Award.

4587 is coming off a successful 2017 year, and is looking to strike back again. After their Ri3D team produced one of the more successful Ri3D robots, a consistent switch bot whose design we saw replicated across the nation, 4587 will definitely be playing late on Saturday.

4639, (literally) a neighbor to Houston Powerhouse 624, is coming into Lone Star with a redesigned 1678/1619 style intake that shows their potential to consistently get 5-6 cubes into the exchange rapidly. If they take what they have learned from their fellow neighbors 624, this might be their best bet yet to get into Elims (or farther).

5892 is coming off a successful season, where they were the Houston Champs Finalist. Taking what they learned from FRC Legends 1678 and 118, look to them to be a contender with the top teams.

And finally, rumors are going around that 624 might make an appearance in order to have more time to make more changes. After receiving a Red Card at San Diego, 624 recovered and turned out to be a dominant scale robot, only to lose to Hall Of Fame Teams 1538 and 597. If the rumor is true, the regional will probably turn into a “Who will 624 pick” style regional to take home the banner, as long as they can avoid the Red Card.