Week 5 Live Discussion Thread

There are a lot of big events going on this weekend. Use this thread to discuss what’s happening in Week 5!

Getting Ventura started today (New regional between LA and Santa Barbara) runs through Sunday …Six of 42 all-California bots already punched their ticket to worlds…should be fun. Beach Bots are probably going to generate a wildcard. They’re great…100+ pt solo bot.

Other strong contenders: Vitruvian Bots, Duncan Dynamics, D’Penguineers and Circuit Breakers.

This weekend decides who goes to the PNW champs in Cheney, any team with a chance is gonna try really hard to get in.

Matches 26 (2:56 PM) and 52 (5:58 PM) today in MI-Livonia look interesting.

Colorado just almost had the first death by cheesecake.
The emcee almost got impaled in the head by 4593’s cheesecaked canburgler.

wait what? How did that happen?

Their raking mechanism fell outside the field when they were repositioning.

I’ve been watching the Finger Lakes (yay Rolling Thunder). Not lots of high scores in the Quals (highest was 170) but lots of +150’s in the elims cough playoffs. 5254, 340, 174 the number 1 alliance had a semi of 196 pts, the high for the day.

I really like the new score pages. It’s much easier to switch between events.


Colorado just had the first RC tug of war I’ve seen. Anyone else seen one?

1339 and 1619 had an autonomous face off that 1339 won (1 of 2, both whiffed on 2nd), then in teleop 1339 was able to stafe over and engage before 4593 pulled back. They had a tug of war for maybe 15 sec and then they each sorta ended up with one.

I think 1339 is the official canburgler champ of Colorado…


PNW Philomath finals had one.

Buckeye had one. A team on the blue alliance, sorry I cant remember the exact team, dropped their bin grabber in tele into the hole but 3193 extended their arm out(which I believe has wheels on it) and sucked it out of the blue team’s grasp. It was, I believe, the only tug of war at the Buckeye regional.

OK someone’s going to have to explain this one to me. I feel old haha.

Looks like 987 and 148 built a noodle blocker for 5012

Is the Philomath stream down for anyone else?

Its down for me.

Edit: looks to be back up

Still no video for me, just audio

EDIT: apparently as soon as I post, it’s back up. All good!

The term “cheesecaking” was coined on Chief Delphi in this post: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1458711&postcount=81

Looks like the final rankings are up, Cant wait to see you guys at regional championships!