Week 5 Live Discussion Thread

Here’s the PNW Philomath Finals, there was a can tug of war over a center bin between 847 and 2990.

In other news, this match set a high score for ALL of the PNW (including matches with Coop points) with 190 points scored in F1 by 1983, 955, and 847

I just got out of the Colorado regionals, about an hour ago.

Our team did not do all that well (mostly because we were often paired with alliances that had problems), but we had a good time nonetheless!

For those of you watching the stream, I was the guy in the pink dragon helmet, with the pink team (Very happy that the emcee wore my custom-made helmet for five of our matches or so). In spite of our not advancing to the final eight alliances, we had a lot of fun cheering on the other teams. (Especially 4488, who made it to the finals and who had roughly five people on their cheering squad. We increased that number by roughly a factor of six, counting the other teams we recruited.)

It’s been an incredible year. We’ve witnessed some serious problems that teams recovered from beautifully (one of our good friends’ teams had a motor literally catch on fire as they were attempting a Cooperatition stack, but they soon bounced back). We’ve had some exciting moments (the now-immortal 1339-1619 tug-of-war.) And of course, we had plenty of fun. :slight_smile:

And really, can anyone really ask for more?


610 and 359 lock horns over RC’s and 359 does not run for rest of finals 1. 359 stuck on step and estopped

610 is the unlucky recipient of the first red card for can wars (egregious damage to 359). They would have lost the match anyway.

We are in our last week in the New England District, a somewhat controlled population.

I have always enjoyed watching the game evolve over the season as strategies are developed and understanding is achieved.

We used to put the Robot in a crate and could only improve it on Thursdays and tweak it during Friday and Saturday competitions.

With the introduction of a withholding allowance and district Robot Access Period:
5.6 “Robot Access Period” I think there are substantial improvements. You can build mechanisms within your withholding allowance and beta test them if you have a second prototype Robot.

Not exactly empirical, but
Week One:
Waterbury Top: 66 #8 seed: 51 Median: 43 Bottom: 28 (and they were on the winning alliance!)
Granite State Top: 90 #8 seed: 46 Median: 42 Bottom: 25

Week Five:
**Northeastern **Top: 148 #8 seed: 95 Median: 78 Bottom: 50 (and they were on the winning alliance!)
Hartford (through 57/80 matches) Top: 127 #8 seed: 95 Median: 83 Bottom: 63

There a still weak matches, but, as usual, the game is becoming more interesting.

Am I understanding what you posted correctly…stuck ON the step?

Somewhat, both 359 and 610 went for the two middle RC’s, and became entangled. 359 got a bit of damage and E-stopped, and 610 kept going, got the totes and got unstuck, but must of damaged 359, and was presented a red card after the match. Was interesting to watch.

So much to tell on what happened later. 610 was great! It was a battle everyone wanted to see.
They were so awesome to be a part of our regional and everyone else from out of State.

This is what we came into this morning at Upper Darby. There were actually totes all the way around our robot. Courtesy of 357 for our prank on them last year at MAR Championship.