Week 5 Preview: The NY Invasion

Week 5 contains no New York Regionals, but does feature a sizable contingent of Western New York teams heading out to Ohio for the Buckeye Regional. Last year, two NY teams came and tore this regional apart. Neither of those teams is attending Buckeye this year, so one of the other contenders is going to need to take the gold medals back to the Empire State in FIRST Power Up.

Buckeye Regional

  • All of the New York contenders heading to Buckeye competed just two weeks ago in Rochester, but only one of them took a banner from that event. 1507
    is an absolute lock for one of the top few alliances, with swift, consistent scale play that only faltered when they needed to place cubes 2-high on an unfavorable scale. - 1126
    had a rough set of qualification matches in Rochester- not because their robot was bad by any means, but because they had an absolute gauntlet of a qualifications schedule. SparX played against the other seven best scale robots at the regional all in separate qualification matches. Their 4-8 record hides an excellent robot that need some practice time and a better schedule to take it all the way. - 1405
    and 6490 had unfortunate robot issues throughout the RIT event. Both teams finished the event under .500, but both have a ton of potential. In Panther Robotics’ best matches, they were one of the best switch/vault robots at the event. In their worst, they failed to move outside of autonomous. The Finney Falcons were substituted out of the elimination rounds in Rochester, but they had a few matches of standout scale scoring, even showing off a scale autonomous during qualifications. - 5030
    won their Week 1 event as the third robot for the 1st seeded alliance, but were subbed out in finals due to robot issues. Despite some improvement in Rochester, they were not selected for the elimination rounds. With Buckeye being a stronger event than the one in Rochester, The Second Mouse is going to need to play significantly up if they want to get the big cheese in Ohio this weekend.