Week #5 - Silicon Valley Regional

Congrads to:
Team 840 for the Imagery Award
Team 973 for the
Team 047 for the Xerox Creativity Award
Team 846 for the Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology Award
Team 473 for the Daimler Chrysler Team Spirit Award
Team 972 for the Judges Award
Team 1280 for the
and from Team 115 Ted Shinta for the Regional Woodie Flowers Award

Lets fill in the empty space shall we?

Silicon Valley Regional Friday Awards

Imagery Award: Team 840
SRI International & Aragon High School
San Mateo, CA USA

Leadership in Control Award: Team 973

Cal Poly SLO & Atascadero High School
Atascadero, CA USA

Xerox Creativity Award: Team 47

Delphi & Pontiac Central High School
Pontiac, MI USA

Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award: Team 846

NASA/Peake Research/DP Product, Inc/Saratoga Systems & Lynbrook High School
San Jose, CA USA

Daimler Chrysler Team Spirit Award: Team 473

Montana State Univeristy/Bitterroot Engineering and Design & Corvallis High School
Corvallis, MT USA

Judges Award: Team 972

Los Gatos High School
Los Gatos, CA USA

Rookie Inspiration: Team 1280

San Ramon Valley High School
Danville, CA USA

Woodie Flowers Award: Ted Shinta from Team 115

Thanks Ken for the specifics I was on the phone, typing on CD and watching the regional. I can only remember but so much !:wink:

can anyone tell me how this works?

1 971 Spartan Robotics 5-0-0 10 2.000 62.000 120
2 254 NASA AMES Robotics 6-0-0 12 2.000 30.000 150
3 840 SRI & Aragon HS 6-0-0 12 2.000 23.333 145

thats probably How many Wins / Losses / Ties and Highest Match Score along with Average Match Points and QP’s

Edit:// Thanks for the correction Eric

Team 311 See past Post#5 for correct determination

team number - 971
number of qualification points - 10
average qualification points - 2
aveage losers points - 62
highest score by this team - 120

hope that’s what you meant.

Average qualifying points is what the rankings are actually based off. Undefeated is undefeated to the computer (not actual ranking points). So we (254) are currently second on ranking (opp. score) points.

Great job today at svr, its a lot of fun so far.

no i meant why were they in first and had only played 5 matches

It’s based off of average W/L points per match. You get 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss. If you are 5-0-0, you have 10 points / 5 = 2 points average. If you are 6-0-0 you have 12 points / 6 = 2 points average. The ranking is based off average, not total.

… therefore those 3 are ranked the same in respect to QP’s, so their actual ranking is determined by their Average Ranking Points (the 7th column).


We could of done good at San Jose because everyone was scoring low but we didn’t get to go because of lack of funding. We actually got $10,000 dollars from a company but the company gave the money to the wrong school. Rumor has it that team 1031 from SF got the money.

Oh man! The Cheesy Poofs hit the ground hard!

that is the second time i have seen them fall like that what is up with that.

Fortunately they’ve made a pretty robust piece of machinary.

nice robot there cheesy poofs…

nice match 140 to 80

If they win this next match this will be their seventh straight Silicon Valley Regional championship!

6th, but no less amazing. The first Silicon Valley regional was 1999, and they’ve won every single one.

Ooops! My mistake. :o

wow!!! :ahh: :] :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a big talking hat! :stuck_out_tongue: