Week 6 events, what one's will you be watching

Well this is the last week before state in Michigan so one last time. I sadly will not have the time because I will be on spring break but what about you guys.

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AZ West but that is because we’ll be competing there :yum:

Might be worth tuning in to see if 2478 stays undefeated. It will hopefully be entertaining but expect it to be a bit ugly too… probably one of the weakest fields we have seen at an AZ event, which is saying something.

Also we have some live commentary between matches that should be fun to hear!

PNW DCMP, also competing!


PNW DCMP also, a stroke of luck has allowed me to watch it in person.


Probably Quebec Regional and/or NY, depends on timing with school though, so who knows

Texas DCMP, will probably be one of the most competitive FRC events this year

PNW DCMP … competing for the first time in five years!


PNW DCMP, so proud of my team for making it again this year. Also going to be helping run AV for the event.


Canadian Rockies, hoping 6841 makes it far

I’ll be watching NE Hartford since the Indiana District Championship is in Week 7. Looking out for 195, 177, 230, 558 to have a great competition!!!


Gonna be keeping an eye on ONT McMaster and Western in prep for dcmp

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Central Missouri, need to watch 2451 qualify for champs.

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PCH Championship. We’ll be there so looking forward to that

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I’ll be at the FiT District Championships.

NC Champs from the stands, its going to be pretty interesting as there is a lot of strong teams competing

I’ll be at New York City watching 3 of my teams, and watching Aerospace Valley, Quebec, Canadian Rockies, and Central Missouri

Probably Pine Tree. I wanna see B.E.R.T. again, as they were super awesome to play against at SNH.

I’ll be watching the FMA District Championship in person. If the FMA events are any indication, it’s going to be interesting.


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